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Cosmos Orange Banarasi Patola Saree
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Marigold Orange Banarasi Patola Saree
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Merigold Orange Banarasi Patola Saree
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Orange Gold Banarasi - Patola Saree
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Carrot Orange Banarasi - Patola Saree
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Few people know that the Patola Saree is woven in Gujarat, India. The handloom technique has been around since a village was named after it called Patan! To create these exquisite fabrics takes hours of painstaking work and gorgeous colors to fill your spirit with joy when you wear one.
A devout saree connoisseur would surely have heard of – and most likely experienced – the magnificence of a heritage Patola Saree from the Indian state of Gujarat. Getting their name from the hamlet town where lies an ancient technique for weaving these exquisite drapes, you'll find handloom Patolas take pride in to be one breathtaking Indian weave!
Imagine yourself in the middle of a bustling market street, filled with colors and smells. You stop to admire an ancient tapestry on display for sale at one shop window. It's beautiful- just like you imagined it would be when your friend told you about Patola Sarees from India!
It's not easy to find a saree like this in today's world. Patola Sarees are exquisite drapes that you can scarcely come by these days, and if you do it'll be for the cost of an arm and leg! The cotton is woven with intricate embroidery so delicate that any avid weaver would instantly fall head over heels for them. In places such as Gujarat, where they originate from people have been weaving these saris since ancient times using traditional techniques on handlooms made out of bamboo wood or tree leaves!

The complicated process of the Patan Patola
 The Patola sari is a multi-layered garment that comes with an exciting design and vibrant colors. It's intricately designed, has geometrical patterns on the fabric while being soft to touch at the same time.

The colorful pattern of this traditional Indian clothing for women emanates from its complicated calculations which are founded upon geometric creations - making it both attractive as well as elegant in nature. The base of these dresses can either be block printed or woven depending on how they're made but will always have identical designs on their front and backside respectively when fully tied up into place!
The world's finest handloom saris are produced in India. One reason is the Patola weave, a complex process requiring delicate silk yarns and stunning results that can take years to master. These grand double-ikat weaves with their vibrant colors and exquisite woven patterns are heirlooms for generations of families who hope they will be passed down as such - albeit not easily available or well understood by many."
When you're in the market for a new sari, why not consider it one of India's most prized possessions? This splendid double Ikat weaves with spectacularly vibrant colors and exquisite woven patterns are among some of the finest hand-loomed fabrics that exist. The process to create each piece is long and arduous but this effort pays off immensely as these heirlooms will last generations.

Each Patola drape or yardage - considered an achievement by its complex processes involving delicate silk yarns- boasts magnificent brightly colored textiles with exquisitely crafted designs; they are arguably amongst India’s best handwoven pieces – so it should come as no surprise when I mention their rarity across markets!
The Patola sari is the pinnacle of Indian fashion. Made from delicate silk yarns and intricate weaving patterns, these exquisite creations are among India's most prized handloom products. Although not as easily available or well-understood here in North America, grand Patolas make for heirloom pieces that will son be passed down to future generations.
The Patola sari is a Gujarati tradition dating back to ancient times. It has been long considered auspicious, and even possesses medicinal qualities! For centuries, important things or money were wrapped in handmade Patola clothes that not only protected them from evil influences but also cured ailments with their one-of-a-kind healing power. These exquisite textiles have now become widely popular across the world for both lavish weddings and traditional ceremonies alike - proving themselves fashionable no matter what century you live in!
Patola, also known as Patoli or Pattalu is an ancient Gujarati textile that has been used for centuries and was even considered to have medicinal properties. Important things were wrapped in this fabric because it was thought to ward off evil influence. Recognized traditionally as auspicious, the special textiles made popular gifts with royalty and high-ranking people across India over time.
Patola sarees are an ancient tradition. These textiles were considered to have medicinal or healing properties in the past and important things like money would be kept wrapped with a Patola weave fabric piece or handkerchief – as it was known for warding off evil influences. It is also said that these fabrics make popular gifts since they're deemed auspicious by many!
There have been many legends and anecdotes surrounding the heritage Gujarati sarees of Patola. In ancient times, these textiles were considered to be imbued with medicinal or healing properties. Important things like money as well as those who sought protection from evil influences would wrap themselves in pieces of fabric woven out of this special textile – said to ward off bad luck - while some people just found it more practical than carrying a handkerchief around everywhere they went!
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