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Plum Purple Printed Banarasi Saree
  • Rs. 6,416.00
  • Rs. 2,597.00
Wine Purple Printed Banarasi Saree
  • Rs. 11,482.00
  • Rs. 4,593.00
Wine Purple Zari Woven Banarasi Saree
  • Rs. 9,447.00
  • Rs. 3,779.00
Wine Purple Zari Butta Banarasi Saree
  • Rs. 7,294.00
  • Rs. 2,918.00
Plum Purple Banarasi Saree
  • Rs. 9,872.00
  • Rs. 3,949.00
Dark Purple Zari Woven Banarasi Saree
  • Rs. 10,350.00
  • Rs. 4,140.00
Darkmagenta Zari Woven Banarasi Saree
  • Rs. 10,160.00
  • Rs. 4,064.00
Sangria Purple Zari Woven Banarasi Saree
  • Rs. 18,635.00
  • Rs. 7,454.00
Light Purple Floral Printed Banarasi Saree
  • Rs. 11,776.00
  • Rs. 4,711.00
Pastel Purple Floral Printed Banarasi Saree
  • Rs. 14,730.00
  • Rs. 5,892.00
Lilac Purple Zari Woven Banarasi Saree
  • Rs. 18,297.00
  • Rs. 7,319.00
Mauve Purple Zari Woven Banarasi Saree
  • Rs. 15,016.00
  • Rs. 6,007.00
Mulberry Purple Banarasi Saree
  • Rs. 6,908.00
  • Rs. 2,763.00
Boysenberry Purple Banarasi Saree
  • Rs. 9,909.00
  • Rs. 3,964.00
Gorgeous Plum Purple,Coral Pink Banarasi Saree
  • Rs. 10,500.00
  • Rs. 4,200.00
Pretty Purple Banarasi Saree
  • Rs. 11,813.00
  • Rs. 4,725.00
Opal Purple Zari Woven Banarasi Saree
  • Rs. 16,363.00
  • Rs. 6,545.00
Dark Magenta Zari Woven Banarasi Brocade Saree
  • Rs. 14,129.00
  • Rs. 5,652.00
Lavender Purple Zari Woven Banarasi Saree
  • Rs. 12,057.00
  • Rs. 4,823.00
Bridal Green Zari Woven Classic South Silk Saree - Fusion Of South Silk And Banarasi
  • Rs. 12,072.00
  • Rs. 4,829.00
Wine Purple Zari Woven Classic South Silk Saree - Fusion Of South Silk And Banarasi
  • Rs. 12,072.00
  • Rs. 4,829.00
Purple Banarasi Brocade Silk Saree
  • Rs. 9,169.00
  • Rs. 3,668.00
Heart Purple Zari Butta Woven Banarasi Saree
  • Rs. 11,910.00
  • Rs. 4,764.00
Heart Purple Zari Butta Woven Banarasi Saree
  • Rs. 10,713.00
  • Rs. 4,285.00
Crimson Purple Zari Butta Woven Banarasi Saree
  • Rs. 10,713.00
  • Rs. 4,285.00
Silver And Purple Banarasi Saree
  • Rs. 10,828.00
  • Rs. 4,331.00

Banarasi Silk Saree


The charm of a banarasi saree is unmatched even after so many years and so much evolution in the saree world. This flattering saree is the most versatile garment that India has blessed the world with. Banarasi saree has originated from the city of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, India. The city is famous for its different types of fabrics like muslin, silk, etc. The sheer elegance and beauty of the banarasi saree are incomparable to any other saree. Banarasi saree also has a geographical indication (GI) certification from the Indian government.

First, the design is made on paper or basically punched into the paper like braille. There are 100 such pattern guides that help make one single saree. Based on these patterns or Patras, the dyed silk and zari threads are wound into the handloom to create a desired pattern for the saree. The price range of a single banarasi saree ranges from Rs 3,000 to Rs 200,000 lakh depending on the intricacy of the design. A decent one with decent designing costs around Rs 8,000 to Rs 10,000. Red banarasi sarees are famous for Indian weddings and bridal functions. This perfect fabric is a must-have in every woman's wardrobe.



Historians have been tracing this fabric back to the Vedic times. Silk has also been called the attire of gods in the Rigveda. Emperor Akbar loved elite things, therefore he loved the zari work on the silk too. This is now called the banarasi saree. He also used it as carpet, wall hangings, etc. The weave initially had the designing and the craftsmanship of the Mughal empire. Now, it's a mixture of the Indian and Mughal empires. The weave has designs that are made with gold and silver threads and originally they were embellished with threads from real silver and gold. Sadly, that made the saree very heavy and expensive, therefore people started preferring a slight faker and a light version of the authentic banarasi saree. This is why gold plated copper wire is used nowadays to make it more affordable and light. It takes around 15 days to 1 month to 6 months to craft a banarasi saree depending on the complexity of the design. Emporiums of ancient ways of weaving a banarasi saree can still be seen in varanasi. 

Type of Banarasi sarees

Banarasi Kataan silk saree

This is a pure silk banarasi saree that has pure banarasi threads twisted and woven together to create the softest piece of saree! This is always on the favorite list of Indian brides!

Banarasi saree in georgette

Banarasi georgette sarees are also called Khaddi banarasi sarees. They have banarasi zari weave on georgette fabric to make it more elegant and easy to drape! The fall of georgette banarasi is really good.

Buttidar Banarasi sarees

Banarasi sarees have small traditional motifs woven close to each other to form a butter pattern. This is the most famous style of Banarasi. The size of the butta varies from 1 inch to 6 inches depending upon the design.

Jaal Banarasi sarees

Due to the influence of the Mughal era on the weaving style and motifs of banarasi sarees, Jaal designs were developed. It includes the signature design of Shikarga which depicts the entire hunting journey of a king. Intricately woven floral and foliate motifs are another Mughal era-inspired design.

Tanchoi Banarasi sarees

These sarees have beautiful jamawar styles paisleys woven by zari. The pattern is created by weaving multicolor silk threads in the weft of the saree. Pally generally has large size paisley motifs. This is one of the must-haves in your bridal trousseau.

Different occasions where you can flaunt your banarasi saree!

A red banarasi saree or a banarasi silk saree is a choice of many as their main saree on their wedding day. People mainly prefer banarasi silk saree for bridal functions because of its rich nature. One can wear a banarasi saree to all kinds of events and festivities. It has been a classic attire for Indian brides and weddings for ages. Banarasi silk saree is perfect for religious events, parties, get-togethers, engagement ceremonies, etc. it will add glam to your beauty and will make you look multifold. 

How to style your banarasi saree?

A banarasi silk saree is a trend in itself. The designs and zari work are famous worldwide. The vibrant colors and silver and gold zari work that adorns it makes it look one of a kind. A banarasi saree is known as the bounty of Jannat (heaven). Islamic motifs such as floral patterns, leaves, and net fabric are used to make it more stylish. This can also be seen in the design of the Taj Mahal. Now geometric designs and patterns are also used. A banarasi sari can be paired with a beautiful silk saree blouse or an embroidered blouse or brocade blouse to elevate your fashion quotient.  

How to take care of your Banarasi?

Banarasi sarees are exclusive and one of its kind classics! We pass them on to generations. So it is important to take care of them properly.

  1. Never wash the banarasi saree at home. They might catch water stains. It is always recommended to dry clean them.
  2. Fold them properly and store them in a muslin cloth. The fabric is breathable and hence the sarees won’t smell bad even after years.
  3. Keep them in a dark corner of your cupboard. It prevents discoloration of the sarees over time.
  4. Keep changing the fold in 3-4 months.

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