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Beauty & Significance of Kanchipuram Sarees

These sarees have had a major cultural role in the south associated with auspicious occasions like marriage or festivals. The sarees are beautifully crafted with intricate designs with golden zari that give the sarees their beautiful golden sheen. The borders of the saree have amazingly detailed temple motifs that enhance its beauty. Women buy kanjivaram saree for the regal appeal and boundless elegance. 

Today, women love to buy kanjivaram saree online as great deals are available on these beauties. We at Karagiri, offer a wide variety of beautiful Kanjivaram Sarees perfect for any occasion, along with chiffon sarees, georgette sarees and various kinds of silk sarees. You can choose the perfect saree for any occasion to create a look with Karagiri!


How to Style Kanjivaram Saree

Kanjivaram sari can be challenging when it comes to trying out different styles, however, there are ways to style the saree for different kinds of occasions and different kinds of looks. Some of the interesting ways include:

Styled with a full-sleeved modern blouse: Pair your beautiful Kanjivaram sarees with a modern style long-sleeved blouse for a chic look. This look is great for parties as well as formal occasions. Pair this with bead jewellery to complete the look.

Pair it with the Jacket blouse: You can pair your Kanjivaram sari with a jacket blouse for an out of the ordinary look. Colours like beige and cream for the jacket blouse will perfectly compliment the amazing designs and colours of your Kanchipuram saree giving it a modern twist.

Kurta and Kanjivaram: Pair your Kanjivaram saree with a salwar Kurti style blouse to create a twist with the two classics! You can pair this look with light jewellery like earrings and nosering for the perfect look.

Designer Blouses: For a classic Kanjivaram look, you can pair your kanjivaram sari with an embroidered designer blouse. This pairing is great for traditional occasions like festivals and so on.


How to maintain Kanjivaram Sarees

Storage of Kanchipuram Sarees:

You should air your Kanjivaram, every 3-4 months period by opening the sari, spreading it out over a cool surface for 30 minutes and refold it back to storage. This prevents colour from fading along the folds and helps save the yarn along the creases.

Some weavers use a starch-heavy yarn seasoning process, and hence some saris may have a stiff, starched texture when new. These saris soften as the starch falls off, and you can get rid of the starch by opening the sari, and waving it.

Washing of Kanchipuram Silk Sarees:

Dry cleaning of the Kanjivaram sari is always the best. Spacing the cleaning intervals to once in 2-3 uses is ideal.

Air the sari as much as possible and dry clean followed by a roller iron to restore the folds.


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