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Kanchipuram Saree or Kanjivaram Saree


Introduction of Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

Kanchipuram is a village in South India from Tamil Nadu, India. The village has a rich heritage with well-known saree around the world called Kanjivaram saree or Kanchipuram saree. The name has been derived from the village’s name Kanchipuram then kanjivaram silk as both the names are the same and later it was translated to Conjeevaram silk by the British.
Previously all the silk sarees were handwoven and performed by skilled workers. Kanchipuram silk sarees and other silk sarees legacy keeps on inspiring many other villages and also the people of rural areas in India. There are still few families in the village that perform old weaving techniques to make Kanjeevaram saree.

Beauty and Significance

The Kanchipuram saree or any outfit made in this woven fabric is considered a perfect ensemble for all kinds of important events, festivities, and different types of occasions like weddings, sangeet, haldi, and all. The classic weave produces a material that is thick and is tinged with silver or gold borders and motifs across the saree body. Kanchipuram sarees is also a popular choice of bridal ensemble in most parts of Southern India.
The market for the silk saree industry in India has been growing since the Independence period and also in the 21st Century. The market of the saree industry has reached new heights. From traditional sarees to designer sarees, from hand weaved sarees to printed sarees, from Indian actresses to social media influencers, the traditional silk sarees market will never stop. Silk sarees have been given a new touch through the rise of fashion designing and new experimenting with saree designs and looks. 
With the new brands, shops and E-commerce platforms rising in India and across the globe, the demand for Kanjivaram sarees and other traditional sarees like Banarasi sarees, Paithani sarees have increased immensely. 
The silk fabric of the Kanchipuram sarees is known for its quality and its rich appeal. It is amongst the favourite sarees of women in India. The intricate designs on the saree depict the culture and the artistry work of the Craftsmen. 
While many of us just pick up a saree we like, there are actually many different types of Kanchipuram saree or kanjivaram silk sarees you can choose from, depending on the upcoming occasions you are planning to attend this season:

  1. Plain Kanchipuram saree with gold border - This one might sound simple and elegant but the border is golden giving it a rich look. Perfect for your friend’s upcoming engagement or wedding ceremony!

  2. Temple Border Kanjivaram saree – The name suggests a zigzag temple border with a chevron styled peaks’ design known as a temple, which makes it stand out from other types of kanjivaram sarees. Perfect for your anniversary party – even your own!

  3. Modern Kanjivaram weaves saree – These are woven in newer colours and contemporary designs and motifs on beautiful borders, definitely the first choice for the new-age bride!

  4. Traditional Kanjeevaram saree – The coin, chakra, or checked motifs are the symbolically traditional kanjivaram sarees, and these surely are the richest weaves among others. This is a perfect wedding, festival, pooja, or bridal wear saree a gorgeous drape evergreen for every age.


How to maintain your Kanjivaram saree

  1. Always dry clean your beautiful saree, silk is a delicate fabric and therefore it needs a skilled hand to wash it and dry cleaning is the best way to handle your fabric.
  2. If you do end up washing your kanjivaram saree or kanchipuram saree at home, always use cold water and just a little shampoo only after the first three washes. Harsh detergents and brushes will be very harmful to your beloved saree!
  3. To avoid damage to your saree, always wash the pallu, saree and border of the kanjivaram saree separately.
  4. Kanjeevaram saree can get wrinkle if you wring, which can spoil the kanjivaram design and fabric of the saree, rolling in a dry towel removes the moisture from the kanchipuram sarees and can hang it later.
  5. You should always avoid drying your kanjivaram silk saree in direct sunlight you should dry it inside of your home where there is no direct harsh sunlight on it.
  6. Never ever iron your saree directly, always put a cloth on it and iron. Direct iron will affect the beautiful shine of the saree.
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