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Coral Red Paithani - Ikat Saree
  • ₹ 29,547
  • ₹ 8,864
Tomato Red Paithani - Ikat Saree
  • ₹ 29,547
  • ₹ 8,864
The Saree is a drape that can be draped in many different ways, which means no two outfits are the same. The possibilities for design and creativity with this garment seem endless!
The Saree is a long, unstitched piece of fabric. It can be draped in many different ways; this gives it an unmatched versatility and creative potential that designers love to play with! And because every woman has her own way of wearing the same garment, they have their fair share of looks from one outfit as well.
The versatile saree is also a beautiful garment for both the wearer and designer. The design of it gives them an open canvas to work with, which can be manipulated in many different ways depending on how one wraps it around their body. Plus, there are countless creative possibilities that comes from wearing this timeless piece!
For centuries, the Saree has been a staple for Indian women. A long drape to be wrapped and draped in different ways, it seems like there's always something new you can do with this versatile garment. Designer Maheen Sabeeh takes advantage of that by designing her own unique style on what is an already flexible fabric: she uses multiple fabrics on one Dresss & Drapes them together so they create geometric patterns all over!
The Saree is a humble, yet elegant garment that has been around for centuries. The possibilities are endless as to how you can style this piece of cloth with the adjustable material and changing fashions over time. If you want your own unique look then there's no better way than by donning one!
The Saree is a long, unstitched decorate drape that can be draped in many different ways and fashions. This gives it an endless amount of potential to explore which will never run out as the wearer may have multiple styles with just one piece of fabric! The design possibilities are vast because this traditional Indian garment has been around for centuries but its fashion continues to evolve.

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