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French Violet Paithani Saree
  • ₹ 22,440
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Violet Paithani Saree
  • ₹ 23,173
  • ₹ 6,952
Violet Paithani Saree
  • ₹ 24,067
  • ₹ 7,220

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Byzentine Violet Paithani Saree
  • ₹ 7,602
Byzantine Violet Regal Paithani Saree
  • ₹ 30,333
  • ₹ 9,100
Mulberry Violet Khun Saree
  • ₹ 17,940
  • ₹ 5,382
Vivid Violet Khun Saree
  • ₹ 17,940
  • ₹ 5,382

Maharashtrian Sarees

Maharashtrian Sarees

Maharashtrian women always adorn an authentic Marathi silk saree for the wedding and other festivities to pay their respect to the culture. There are many kinds of other sarees and Maharashtra sarees that are popular and loved by women. Paithani silk sarees, Khun Sarees and Kolhapuri sarees are some of the most popular traditional sarees.

Traditional sarees for every ocassions

Paithani Saree: Paithani Sarees are the most popular kind of Maharashtrian sarees. These beautiful sarees are known for their vibrant colours and intricate designs. The golden zari with colourful motifs of birds and flowers is what defines a paithani. The paithani saree is popular amongst brides as they have unparalleled beauty. 

Cotton Sarees: Maharashtrian women love cotton sarees as they are soft and comfortable to wear. The sarees are very breathable making them the perfect choice for any season, especially summers. There are a variety of beautiful cotton saree designs like the famous Khun sarees.

Silk Sarees: Maharashtrian silk sarees are famous for their elegance. There are different kinds of silk sarees like the Kolhapuri silk sarees, Paithani silk sarees and Uppada silk sarees that are worn by women for festivals and other auspicious occasions.

Georgette Saree: Georgette Sarees have a crepe-like fabric that makes sarees extremely breathable. The sarees are a thing of beauty as they are comfortable and beautiful too. These sarees have a youthful look perfect for younger women.

Organza Saree: Organza sarees are beautiful silk sarees that are lightweight and have a versatile look, perfect for formal as well as informal occasions. The organza sarees are comfortable to wear and lightweight with a silk shine having the best of both worlds. 


How to style Maharashtrian sarees

Maharashtrian Sarees can be styled in many ways and accessorized to create the perfect look for any occasion. There are a number of different Maharashtrian draping styles that women use to create their perfect look. Some of these include: The traditional Nauvari saree draping style is the original and is very similar to how it was invented. Women in Maharashtra still drape saree using this style. This draping style is great to showcase the beauty of Maharashtrian sarees.

The Peshwai saree draping style is another major saree draping style in Maharashtra. Peshwai Marathi style is strictly worn by women from the upper-class brahmin community. It’s a point of preserving and depicting the rich heritage through this saree draping style. This saree draping style is also known as Brahmini Saree Style. This drape is very similar to the traditional Marathi style, the only difference is the front pleats of the saree.

The contemporary Maharashtrian draping style is one of the more convenient draping styles. It is also known as the dhoti draping style and has a rustic and traditional rural appeal. The best part about this draping style is that there is no underskirt required for this saree draping style making it a great choice for beginners.

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We at Karagiri have a beautiful collection of different kinds of Maharashtrian Sarees. These beautiful sarees are perfect for various occasions. Choose from a wide range of Paithani sarees, Uppada Sarees and Khun Sarees for your perfect look. Explore the beautiful world of sarees on Karagiri and find your perfect look today.