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The Indian saree is one of the most beautiful ethnic wear that you can find. It's elegant, simple, and perfect for any occasion! Wearing a sari will instantly enhance your beauty and make you feel like royalty wherever you go. The best part? Sarees are such versatile pieces of clothing - they look great on all body types, work with every hair color or skin tone, and basically go well with anything in your closet.

The intricately beaded and embroidered saris are the most beautiful ethnic wear of Indian women. Though we may think they're just for special occasions, these garments can make any girl or woman more beautiful in an instant! Sarees also happen to be adored all over India - making them must-have wardrobe-essentials.

Sarees are special and the most beautiful ethnic wear of Indian women. They can instantly enhance any girl's beauty with their elegance, grace, sophistication, spirituality, and femininity all at once! These traditional clothes have also gained immense popularity worldwide making them indispensable wardrobe essentials for everyone from India to America.

Silk sarees are always a symbol of grandiose, richness, and tradition. A silk saree is one such traditional wear that you can find in every girl or woman's wardrobe. Silk sarees are perfect for girls or women of every age - be it an elderly grandma to the youngest college-going kid out there! Be it a simple birthday party with friends and family (think cake & ice cream) or even when your big day comes along: nothing says celebration like rocking up at this special occasion wearing something as luxurious as these silks have become known for overtime!




The beautiful and intricate Kanjeevaram sarees are woven in the city of Tamil Nadu. The tradition has been passed down for generations by families who have perfected their craftsmanship to create magnificent pieces that can be worn at auspicious occasions like festivals, engagements, or weddings. These brightly colored garments come with broad borders made from either gold or silver cloth which make them perfect accessories for any South Indian bride looking to stand out on her big day!

Woven in the city of Tamil Nadu, Kanjeevaram sarees are known for their grandeur and can be worn to auspicious events such as festivals or weddings. The fabric comes with broad borders that are either golden or silver colored. This is a perfect accent for an Indian bride's wedding attire!

These Kanjeevaram sarees come in vibrant gorgeous colors with broad borders that are either of golden or silver color. They're perfect for auspicious functions such as festivals, engagements, and weddings - the ones you'll commonly see brides wearing all over South India!




Patolas sarees are a sovereign range of silk clothing that is handwoven in the city of Patan, Gujarat. These alluring double ikat designs have been woven by the process of resist dyeing and using traditional weaving techniques like warp and weft. This exclusive legacy belongs to a family residing in Patna who has been making these for royals for ages!

As soon as you behold a Patola silk, it is easy to see the painstaking work that went into making such a beautiful piece of fabric. Each saree has been woven with threads made from natural materials like cotton and wool to give their designs incredible depth. These elegant garments are perfect for formal occasions or weddings so that your guests can enjoy seeing them up close!




Banarasi silk sarees are a true reflection of classiness and royalness. These saris often make their way into every Indian bride's collection, as they're such an important part of any bridal attire! One thing that sets Banarasi silks apart is the gorgeous gold zari work - it makes for some truly stunning décor on your outfits. The compact weaving does wonders to create intricate details in this type of fabric; features like beautifully carved mina or jal borders really set these pieces off!

The famous Banarasi silk sarees are not just elegant and refined, but also heavy! These luxurious textiles feature intricate gold zari work as well. Their compact weaving and elaborate figures make them truly royal - much like every Indian bride who loves to show off her new wedding clothes at the mehendi or sangeet parties with family members.
A word of caution: these fabric pieces can be quite hefty in weight, so if you're looking for a lightweight piece from India that will keep you cool this summer...look elsewhere!


Paithani Silks


This is the “Queen of Silks”. It originated from Maharashtra and dominates any Maharashtrian bride's trousseau. The embroidered peacock, lotus, vines, and flowers create a royal look for its wearer with precious silk threads intricately used to make it come in vibrant combinations of borders or pallu. Wear this elegant garment with a collar banded high back blouse that reaches deep into your neckline as well as long sleeves so you can show off all these beautiful patterns!


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