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Paithani - Ikat Saree SUGANDHA DATE in Mulberry Purple Paithani - Ikat Saree saree online
SUGANDHA DATE in Mulberry Purple Paithani - Ikat Saree
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Sangria Purple Paithani - Ikat Saree
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Buy Paithani - Ikat saree online By KARAGIRI

Paithani is the best variety of sari, named after the Paithan town in Aurangabad, Maharashtra State in India where the sarees are woven by hand and are made with wonderful silk fabric. It is considered one of the richest saris and fabric in India. Even in today's advanced world the methods of weaving beautiful paithani silk saree have not changed at all from 200 B.C.

Whereas, Ikat is derived from the Maya-Indonesian word " Munigikat " which means 'Bind or Knot'.The exquisite and intricate resist-dyed ikats and Tie-dyed fabrics can be traced back to the 6th or 7th century where Fresco paintings of Ajanta caves and also Excavations from Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa civilization.

The beautiful combination of the yarns is tied in a specific pattern as guided by the expert master weaver; once the tie-dying is done the yarns are taken to the loom, then the weaving takes place of the paithani-ikat saree. The characteristic feature of this tie-dye and gorgeous zari work from the weavers of India is the haze pattern which you can see on the ikat fabric.


How to take care of your Paithani - Ikat Saree.

In order to preserve the luster and freshness of your beautiful paithani - ikat saree, in the long run, proper care should be taken:

1. Do not wash your saree with soap in the very first wash.

2. Always wash the pallu and the border of your sari separately in the beginning.

3. Wash with cold water immediately, in case of stains or any dirt on your saree.

4. Store your paithani saree in a cold dry place dusted with neem leaves to keep it beautiful as always.

5. Do not brush or lash your ikat fabric saree that might tear the zari and cause huge damage, It is advisable to always dry-clean your silk sarees.

6. Never hang your paithani saree to dry in direct sunlight as doing so will cause the color to fade.

7. Don’t store your saree in a plastic blog or a cover as this will cause the embroidery to turn black and it will ruin your saree.

Paithani – Ikat fabric saris have always been popular for their distinct style and unmatched beauty and this craft has stood the test of time in various fashion trends. Ikat has always been the designer’s favorite. It is the most spectacular type of silk and hence it's the popular choice of pretty ladies.


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