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Paithani - Ikat Saree SUGANDHA DATE in Mulberry Purple Paithani - Ikat Saree saree online
SUGANDHA DATE in Mulberry Purple Paithani - Ikat Saree
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Sangria Purple Paithani - Ikat Saree
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Paithani Ikkat Sarees

Paithani Ikkat Saree

Paithani ikkat Sarees are beautiful sarees worn by women and loved for their amazing fabric and design. The beautiful sarees have amazing flora and fauna designs that make the sarees beautiful. The sarees look beautiful for any occasion. The beautiful paithani ikkat sarees have a long and varied history that makes these beautiful sarees even more attractive. 

The amazing sarees are a perfect outfit for traditional and festive events. The beautiful sarees are the epitome of perfection with an amazing melody of colours and traditional designs in golden zari and vibrant colours that make the sarees beautiful. The paithani ikkat sarees are amazing sarees that look beautiful and feel so perfectly made. You should buy beautiful paithani ikkat sarees for festivals for an amazing look. The amazing paithani sarees have a vibrance that is unmatched with a unique beauty quotient.


History of Paithani Saree

The Paithani sari has its origins in history, coming from the medieval royalty of the town of Paithan near Aurangabad. Named after the town of Paithan, the saree is believed to have been made with the finest silk threads and pure locally spun zari. The paithani ikkat saree showcases years of the finesse of Indian handloom, and how every piece of the design has the luxurious and liberal use of gold and motifs of birds and so on. In recent years the Paithani sarees are crafted from homegrown silk threads from Bangalore, while the zari is sourced from Surat. 

The beautiful paithani ikkat sarees have been worn by women for years for festivals and other auspicious occasions. The sarees are a delight for women as they are vibrant and beautifully crafted to perfection for the best festive look. The sarees are a great way to look at the history of online sarees.  The beautiful sarees are a welcome addition to the wardrobes of many women as the sarees are amazingly made. 


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