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The best place to buy south silk sarees online is Karagiri, we have a beautiful collection of various kinds of online sarees you can choose from for any occasion. Find your perfect south silk sari with Karagiri today. These beautiful sarees are a perfect display of the amazing craftsmanship of the southern part of India. There are many kinds of sarees that can be considered silk sarees among them the most famous ones are the Kanjivaram/Kanchipuram saree and the Mysore Silk Saree and the Assam Silk Saree.

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History of South Silk Sarees

The amazing south silk sarees have a rich and varied history. Like Kanjivaram sarees have roots in mythology, their weavers are known to be descendants of Markanda who were the weavers for Gods themselves. The sarees are known to be about 400 years old It is said that the two major weaving communities, the Devangas and the Saligars came all the way from Andra Pradesh and settled in the village of Kanchipuram. 

Apart from Kanchipuram sarees, there are other kinds of south silk saris as well. Like the Assam silk sarees and Mysore silk sarees with their own varied histories.


Explore different weaves of South Silk Sarees

There are many different types of beautiful south silk sarees that one can choose from for different occasions.

Kanjivaram Silk Saree: One of the most popular varieties of south silk sarees is the Kanjivaram sarees. These sarees are known for their beautiful broad borders and intricate temple motifs in a golden colour that makes the sarees beautiful. These beautiful sarees are considered the perfect bridal wear for their elegance and beauty.

Mysore Silk Saree: Mysore silk Sarees are known for their distinct design and they are a lightweight drape that makes the beautiful sarees comfortable too. These sarees are worn by women as casual wear.

Chettinad Sarees: These beautiful sarees are made from silk as well as cotton. The sarees have beautiful checkered designs in vibrant colour that makes the sarees beautiful. The borders of the saree have a contrast or dull golden colour. 

Kasavu Sarees: These beautiful south silk sarees are made from cotton and silk fabrics with golden borders and exude an elegance that is unparalleled with their light colours. These sarees are comfortable to wear too as they are made from soft fabrics.

Gadwal Sarees: Gadwal Sarees come from the town of Gadwal. The sarees are known for their rich borders and simple colour. The unique thing about these sarees is handwoven and this skill is passed from generation to generation.

Dharmavaram Sarees: Dharamavaram sarees are named after the place where they are weaved in Andhra Pradesh. These stunning sarees are handwoven and depict a beautiful and elaborate golden border which makes the saree amazing. These beautiful sarees are perfect for brides and have temple patterns and all-over rich patterns that look beautiful.

How to Choose a South Silk Saree

There is a large variety of online sarees to choose from. South silk sarees can be chosen on the basis of the occasion and as per a person’s personal style. The best types of south silk sarees for bridalwear are Kanjivaram Sarees and Mysore Silk Sarees. These online sarees have beautiful regal designs that look elegant and have a grand appeal that is perfect for weddings. 

For a more casual look, Chettinad sarees are perfect as their beautiful colours and designs look amazing. The sarees have an effortless beauty that is comfortable to wear.

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