Banarasi Silk Saree By Karagiri

All About Banarasi Silk


The appeal of banarasi silk saree has an important contribution for keeping the silk saree still in the fashion trends. And the royal grandeur the banarasi saree design possesses makes it every Indian woman’s favourite.



The Origin


Varanasi the Sacred Land of Silks aslo known as Benaras and Banaras is the place from where the banarasi sarees got their name. Banaras around the 15th century was blooming in the cotton textile industry. With the augment of Mughal Era the weaving of Persian motifs with golden and silver yarns started in Banaras. But later on when the weavers from Gujrat migrated to Banaras brocade weaving flourished which is still seen in the work on the silk banarasi saree.



The Banarasi Saree


The banarasi soft silk saree is a gem of the Indian culture. These finely crafted weaves are made from best quality silk yarns interlocked with zari strands which further result into the best banarasi saree. The zardosi banarasi saree are an astounding piece of art amazingly beautified with motifs designed with colourful silk and zari strands. The zari banarasi saree have different types of motifs that just allure the charm of the silk saree design. There are shikar garh motifs that represent various animals like elephant, peacocks, swans, tiger etc. The buttidar motifs are made of floral designs like rose, lotuses etc. And the beldar motifs are the creepers designed intricately adding to the elegance of soft banarasi silk sarees. The grace of a banarasi saree makes it just perfect for the weddings, festivals and other occasions.

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