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Red Sarees

Festive, energetic, and timeless - that’s how you define a red saree. It’s not just a piece of cloth that one wears. It’s a form of self-expression - a fashion statement. The versatility of a red saree is what allows every woman to embrace their personality.
At Karagiri, you will find red sarees online in every shade, pattern, and design that suits your taste and style the best. Browse our collection to find a saree made especially for you below.

Red is considered one of the most flattering shades to wear on the big day, as it enhances a bride’s beauty. The red henna also symbolises the passage into adulthood and married life. The Vermillion is another major symbol of married life a couple’s commitment to each other for the rest of their lives.

The red saree has its own charm with the vibrant colour perfectly blending with various designs and other beautiful colours.  

Buy Red Sarees Online on Karagiri

Red sarees are one of the most elegant and timeless traditional attire that a woman can possess. They are perfect for special occasions and add a touch of grace and charm to the wearer. If you are looking to buy a red saree online, look no further than Karagiri. Our collection of red sarees includes a variety of designs and styles that cater to different preferences and tastes. Whether you are looking for a plain red saree or a heavily embellished one, we have got you covered.

Our red sarees are made from high-quality materials, including silk, georgette, chiffon, and cotton, making them comfortable to wear and easy to maintain. Additionally, our sarees are designed to drape beautifully and are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your look.

So why wait? Head over to Karagiri today and buy your dream red saree online. Whether you are looking to make a fashion statement or just want to add some traditional elegance to your wardrobe, we have got you covered.

Types Of Red Sarees 

The colour ‘red’ holds major religious and spiritual significance across different beliefs and cultures. This significance is the reason behind the colour’s popularity for outfits meant for special occasions. This is especially true in the case of weddings and festive celebrations.

If you have decided to buy a red saree for a similar special day, you have come to the right place. Karagiri boasts one of the biggest and most sought-after collections of red sarees online. 

However, your decision to buy a red saree is an incomplete one. This is because you have only selected the colour of the saree you want. You also have to decide what type of saree you want to get. The good news is, that almost every classic and modern weaving and design technique for making sarees is great for bringing out the grace of the red colour. 

Be it Kanjivaram or printed sarees, each of them has its unique way of bringing out the beauty in red colour. Let’s look at some of them in a bit more detail.

Banarasi sarees

Want a saree type that is just as classic a choice as your choice of colour (red)? You can’t go wrong with a Banarasi saree. Red Banarasi sarees offer incredible opulence and elegance, since red pairs so well with their signature zari work that is usually done in gold or silver. 

Banarasi sarees are a superb choice for grand events and important festive functions such as weddings or occasions like Diwali celebrations. Made with silk, these sarees offer more than just aesthetic appeal and are sure to keep you warm during cold winter nights.

Kanjivaram sarees 

Kanjivaram sarees are another different but classic choice for wedding events and festive celebrations. The weaving style comes from Tamil Nadu and uses hand or block printing techniques on the saree. 

Kanjivaram sarees are also known to have grand, heavy borders that lend them their grade and luxury. If you are looking for a silk saree that is equally grand but different from the classic Banarasi, you will not regret choosing a red Kanjivaram saree. 

Kanjivaram sarees are made with pure mulberry silk as well, so you can rest assured about being comfortable while wearing the saree.

Kalamkari sarees 

While Kalamkari art is done using a variety of colours, they look the best in red, and for good reason. The Kalamkari artwork uses block printing and hand printing on fabric to create depictions of mythological stories or grand floral patterns. Using red as a base for such artwork only brings out the grace in both, the colour and the art. 

The intricate Kalamkari artwork, known for its storytelling qualities, symbolises auspiciousness, energy and passion. This makes a Kalamkari saree a great choice for special occasions.

Paithani sarees 

Originating in Maharashtra, Paithani sarees have a rich history and cultural importance associated with them. 

The sarees are only made with the highest quality silk fabric and boast an intricate zari border that combines to deliver a look that is equal parts luxurious and culturally rich. T

he signature peacock and flower motifs and intricate kaleidoscopic designs on the saree look fantastic in hues of red, making these sarees a timeless and cherished choice for discerning women. If you are looking for a regal red addition to your collection of sarees, you can’t go wrong with a red Paithani saree.

Printed sarees 

Printed sarees, with the right prints, have the potential to look great in any colour, and red is no exception. Printed sarees are versatile in a number of ways. 

When choosing a red printed saree, you can choose how intense you want the colour in your saree to be. You can choose a saree with a red base and a complementary or contrasting print. Similarly, you can choose a saree that features red prints as a delicate highlight that brings out the best of the printed design on a different base colour. 

Whatever your choice may be, a printed saree is so versatile that you cannot make a wrong choice.

Pair Red Sarees flawlessly for Timeless Elegance

Pairing a red saree correctly involves thoughtful consideration of fabrics, accessories and draping techniques. If your red saree is a grand one, like a silk Banarasi, minimal embellishments and accessories will work best. This is because red in itself is a grand colour. Combine that with the grandeur of a silk saree and heavy jewellery and the resulting look may appear a little overwhelming. Lightweight jewellery will help balance the look. 

It is also a good idea to pair your red saree with a contrasting blouse such as one in gold or white. This will create a visual harmony and help balance the overwhelming zeal of the red colour. Finally, with a red saree, it is important to have a perfect draping technique to ensure the saree looks neat. That’s why, when it comes to red sarees, it is advisable to stick to draping techniques that you are most familiar with.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which fabric is best for the red colour saree?

Silk is the best fabric when it comes to red sarees because it has a shine that perfectly compliments the vibrance of the beautiful colour. 

How to choose a red colour saree?

To choose your perfect red saree, it is important to consider the occasion and personal comfort. For formal events, Red silk sarees are great whereas, for more casual occasions, georgette, chiffon or even red cotton sarees can be a perfect choice.


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