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Bengali Sarees

Women love beautiful Bengali sarees because of their simplicity and the traditional look. Bengali sarees are one of the most popular ones. When it comes to Bengali saree, the Baluchari sarees and Tant sarees are the two most popular types of sarees. The Tant sarees became popular during the period when the Mughals used to reign in India. The Baluchari saris got their name from a small village in Bengal by the name of Baluchari and it was in the 18th century that Murshid Quli Khan, the then Nawab of Bengal brought the art of making Baluchari saris from Dhaka.


Types of Bengali Sarees 

There are many types of beautiful Bengali Sarees some of these beautiful sarees include:

Tant Saree: The Tant saree is red and white, the distinct feature of this saree is that it is crisp and stiff, unlike the other two which are more flowing. The Taant is a part of every Bengali woman’s wardrobe. These white sarees are said to represent the colours of the Goddess Durga and hence, it is worn mostly during the Durga Puja festival.

Korial Saree: The Korial saree is the most famous Bengali saree. It is a white saree with a red border. Women generally wear this simple and timeless saree, especially during celebrations. These beautiful sarees are worn by women on special occasions. 

Baluchari Saree: These sarees originated from the village Baluchar, in Murshidabad. These are silk sarees, made of Tussar silk or pure silk. Baluchari sarees are stylish, always. These sarees portray scenes from Indian mythology, including the Ramayana and the Mahabharata with motifs. Due to this, women who wear this saree refrain from pleating the pallu, as it may ruin the look.

Dhakai Jamdani Saree: Before the partition, these sarees were made in Dhaka. Jamdani sarees are extremely famous in Bengal even today. ‘Jamdani’ here refers to the typical style of print or design that you can see on these sarees. It is generally translucent and woven with a mixture of silk and cotton

Shantipuri Sarees: Shantipuri Sarees come from the small village of Shantipur. These sarees are made from a blend of various silk fabrics. The beautiful sarees are worn by women for special occasions. These cotton sarees are worn by women and their beautiful designs and masterful use of traditional motifs make the sarees unique.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Traditional Bengali Sarees are popular?

Bengali Sarees are popular because of their simple yet elegant designs. These sarees are made from comfortable fabrics like cotton making them even more alluring. Bengali sarees are not just popular in Bengal but also in the country as women love to buy Bengali sarees. In recent years Bengali sarees online have gained a lot of popularity and become a favourite of younger generations.

How to Drape Bengali Sarees?

There are many ways to drape a saree. Some of the famous styles include.

Aatpoure: In Bengali, the traditional draping style is known as “aatpoure, which means eightfold. Normally, the Garad saree is worn by Bengali women in aatpoure drape.

Drape it with a belt: For a more modern look, Bengali sarees can be draped with a belt. This looks classy and modern and yet retains that beautiful traditional look.

Bridal Draping style: Bengali Brides drape Bengali sarees with a dupatta. This style is amazing and perfect for a great bridal look.


What are the Different Types of Bengali Sarees?

There are many kinds of Bengali sarees one can choose from. The different fabrics and designs make each type of Bengali saree unique. To know more about the different types of Bengali sarees, check out the types of sarees section above.


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