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Paithani Sarees (पैठणी साडी)

A Maharashtrian bride’s must-have, Paithani sarees are famous for their artistic motifs and kaleidoscopic colours, heavily inspired by nature and its wonders. Paithani often attracts those looking for blend of silk and cotton. Owing to its royal status and generous use of gold zari work, these sarees are often tagged as 'Queen of Sarees'. At Karagiri, you can find Paithani sarees in varied hues of blues, blacks, whites, reds and even purples. Check out the collection below.

These beautiful sarees are a favourite of Maharashtrian women for their immense beauty and elegance. The sarees have a rich history behind them as they were made from silk imported from other countries with zari that was spun locally. 

Over the years the love for paithani saris has only grown and the sarees are now famous around the country alongside major styles like Kanjivaram sarees, Banarasi sarees and Patola sarees. The beautiful design on the saree has also evolved to include various new designs. Paithani saris today have become a part of contemporary fashion alongside a cultural cornerstone.


Paithani Saree

The paithani saree has found its way into the hearts of women around the country with its colourful motifs and rich design. The amazing thing about these sarees is how elegant they are and their rich look perfectly makes use of the vibrant colours of the saree which makes the saree a versatile look for various occasions.

The beautiful paithani sari has now become a favourite of various designers too that add to the amazing designs to give it a modern touch. There has been a lot of changes over the years in terms of the fabric of the beautiful saree. The traditional cotton base of the saree has been replaced with silk. Sarees that used to have a cotton base with silk in the borders are now completely made from silk.

The intricacy of design and its complexity has changed over the years. Weavers have moved from small designs to a bigger pattern with motifs on the saree. Designers have also experimented with colours of paithani saris with amazing results expanding the horizons for the beautiful traditional designs.

In the last few years, sarees have seen a surge when it comes to preference. Sarees online have become women’s favourite with beautiful designs, amazing deals and the convenience of getting sarees at home. You can get amazing paithani saris online from Karagiri, they have a wide range of beautiful sarees you can choose from that provide great offers and discounts that make the beautiful saree even more irresistible.  

Sarees once again have become an important part of the wardrobe for women across the country. The love of sarees has not only grown across the country but also throughout the world too with people choosing colourful sarees to explore the beauty of Indian culture and heritage. 

Style and Care

The versatile design of paithani sarees makes them a favourite of fashionistas around the country. Many saree draping styles are used to style beautiful paithani saris, the most famous ones include

  • Traditional Nauvari saree draping
  • Peshwai Nauvari saree draping
  • Contemporary Marathi saree draping
  • Contemporary Marathi dhoti saree draping.

Apart from draping styles sarees can be paired with beautiful designer blouses to create an individual’s unique style. One can go with a more traditional blouse design or something more contemporary for a unique look. You can even style the paithani saree with a metallic belt for a modern twist on the traditional style. 

Now that you have chosen a draping style and a blouse, it is time to choose jewellery. Choosing jewellery for paithani sarees can be tricky but you cannot go wrong with a more traditional Nath, Lakshmi haar and green bangles. You can even style the paithani sari with Mundavlya (pearl strands for the forehead) and Vaki (armlet) for the perfect look.

How To Maintain Your Paithani Saree

Beauty requires proper care and this is especially true for paithani saris. You can take care of paithani sarees by following these steps - 

  1. Store the Paithani saree in a Muslin cloth
  2. Do not use naphthalene balls or chemicals where you store the saree
  3. Do not spill any liquids on the paithani saree
  4. Never use plastic or regular cardboard boxes to store the saree
  5. Provide good air circulation where you store the saree
  6. Change folds after every use because folding it the same way might leave permanent creases on the saree
  7. Protect the saree from humid weather especially monsoon

Get beautiful Paithani sarees online on Karagiri. We have a beautiful collection of paithani sarees waiting for you. Find your perfect look on Karagiri today.

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Paithani Sarees Price
Fire Yellow Paithani Saree ₹4923
Magenta Pink Paithani Saree ₹4923
Cerulean Blue Paithani Saree ₹9037
Navy Blue Paithani Saree ₹4923
Rufous Red Paithani Saree ₹4923
Royal Blue Paithani Saree ₹6105
Cyan Blue Paithani Saree ₹4923
Violet Paithani Saree ₹4923
Shamrock Green Paithani Saree ₹5415
Green Paithani Saree ₹4725
Taffy Pink Paithani Saree ₹4725
True Red Paithani Saree ₹3501
Vivid Magenta Pink Paithani Saree ₹5427
Lapis Blue Paithani Saree ₹5078

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