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Black Checks Pattern Uppada Saree
  • ₹ 21,013
  • ₹ 6,304
Salmon Orange Uppada Silk Saree
  • ₹ 12,440
  • ₹ 3,732
Uppada Saree In Red And Pink
  • ₹ 40,110
  • ₹ 12,033
Uppada Saree In Brick Pink
  • ₹ 40,110
  • ₹ 12,033
Uppada Saree In Punch Pink
  • ₹ 40,110
  • ₹ 12,033
Uppada Saree In Jungle Green
  • ₹ 40,110
  • ₹ 12,033
Hibiscus Red Uppada Saree
  • ₹ 17,653
  • ₹ 5,296
Pine Green Uppada Saree
  • ₹ 17,653
  • ₹ 5,296
Imperial Red Uppada Saree
  • ₹ 17,653
  • ₹ 5,296

Uppada Silk Sarees

The saree originates from the village of Uppada, it is located 39Kms from Kakinada, where modernization and upgrading have not yet found their place. The people are very poor and under-educated with an approximate population of 35000 in the village. Yet the people here enjoy their simple life. Uppada Silk Saree is well known and very famous for its unique designs.


Features to find in Uppada Sarees online:

Padmashali community is the major community that is engaged in the weaving of these silk sarees for many years which have aesthetic zari work in their beautiful designs. Only non-mechanical techniques are used to make these sarees, Jamdani is a handloom woven fabric made up of cotton, which traditionally was referred to as muslin. This weaving of Jamdani is of Bengali origin. Uppada Saree is defined by the length and breadth count of the threads used.

Uppada sarees online are one of the most expensive varieties of Silk Sarees in the world. They are appreciated worldwide and are regarded as one of the foremost contributions to Indian Textile. In fact, the Queen Victoria and Albert Museum of London have a fabulous collection of Jamdanis including Uppada Pattu Sarees of Uppada Silk Saree.

The uppada saree is also known as the pattu saree in southern India. It is the detailed jamdani weave that makes the saree stand out and appealing. The broad border that is either golden or silver or in some cases might contrast the colour of the saree giving it an elegant appeal that gives silk sarees a royal touch. 

It's the zari work that gives the uppada saree a distinctive appeal. The saree has a lustrous texture. Certain uppada sarees are also dual-toned. The dual-tone of the silk sarees gives it a distinctive appeal. Generally, uppada silk sarees have stunning motifs and designs which are created using gold and silver zari threads. 

The uppada silk saree which was once majorly worn in Andhra Pradesh is now worn by most people all over India. Karagiri delivers sarees all across India today, one can buy all kinds of varieties of sarees.


How To Style Uppada Silk Sarees

One can style the uppada silk saree with designer blouses or embroidered blouses that complement the design and the colour of the saree. 

Always accessorize your silk sarees. The silk sarees look great with potli purses, embellished clutches or even embroidered. Go for traditional jewellery like temple jewellery or south sets. 

Uppada Saree with gold zari work and gold border look great with golden jewellery, sarees with silver zari work or silver border look great with silver, pearl or even diamond jewellery. Jewellery can completely accentuate the look.

These silk sarees are perfect for special occasions. Their grandeur is unmatchable. One can wear these sarees to weddings, parties, or even events. One would truly make a grand statement.

Buy Uppada Sarees Online At Karagiri

At Karagiri one can find the latest uppada sarees that are trending at the moment. Choose from a variety of saree designs and saree colours. The rich appeal of the uppada silk sarees makes them perfect for weddings, special events and many other occasions. 

Uppada Silk Sarees have always been popular for their distinct style and unmatched beauty and this craft has stood the test of time in various fashion trends. Uppada sarees online have always been the designer’s favourite. Buy Uppada sarees online on Karagiri at amazing prices.


How to take care of Uppada Saree:

The Uppada sarees online should always be dry cleaned. Never wash the sarees at home, it can damage the fabric. 

Always store the sarees in a muslin cloth or saree cover. The saree should be kept away from extreme temperatures.

Always change the fold of the uppada saree after every few months. 

To maintain the lustrous appeal of the uppada saree, keep it in a dry and cool place.


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