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Karagiri has one of the best net sarees collections, the unique rare sarees are absolutely appealing. One should always include net saris in their personal saree collection. The collection consists of the best sarees. India’s largest saree brand always has something new in store for you. This exclusive collection will definitely put a smile on your face. One can buy net saris online as they are easy to order, one can buy net sarees from various options from the comfort of their home, and the sarees are delivered to your doorstep.

Net Sarees - Captivating Ethnic Wear

Net sarees are one of the most gorgeous types of sarees. It's the unique fabric of the saree that makes it stand out. These sarees have a stunning sheen on them, they are made out of art silk or tissu silk. Today these sarees are made of fishnet, tule or even bobbinet.

These sarees were once worn by the royal from the Mughal era, the fabric was valued to a great extent. Today, one can find sarees with lace borders. The lace border was brought from England. 

The fabric and texture of the net sari are extremely unique, it is a bit coarse but is comfortable to wear for long periods of time. These sarees should always be dry cleaned, this will maintain the texture and the beautiful appeal of the fabric.

The embroidery on the net saris is generally done using velvet or zari work. Today, one can find a variety of net saris in a plethora of shades and designs. It's one of the most versatile materials and the saree has an appeal that is unmatchable.

The embroidery and the embellishments on the these saree will make one look extravagant. Net saris online have started trending along with Bollywood sarees along with famous television personalities have started wearing this saree to parties and star-struck events.

Types of Net Sarees available on Karagiri

Bordered Saree

These sarees exude elegance. The border which is mostly made of silk adds a beautiful feature to the saree. Bordered silk sarees are perfect for special events. One can choose from various options. These sarees have a broad border or a thin border. Some also have a contrasting border. One can also buy cotton sarees with a stunning net border.

Embroidered Saree

The embroidery on the saree gives the saree a rich appeal. Certain net sarees online have intricate embroidery while some have bold embroidery. Embroidered sarees are a great option for weddings. One can also find chiffon sarees with net and embroidery.

Sequence Saree

Sequence net sarees have a beautiful sheen to them. The sarees have an amazing appeal and have a stylish look. The sequencing work on the saree gives it a chic appeal.

Printed Saree

Printed net sarees are perfect for everyday wear. The sarees are currently trending at the moment and would also look great with jewellery. These sarees are light and comfortable to wear

How to choose Net Saree 

One can buy net sarees based on their occasion, personal choice and the season. To Illustrate: If one is going to a wedding or a special event then one can go for embroidered sarees online or bordered sarees. They are elegant and have a stunning appeal.

Net sarees like printed sarees can be worn on a daily basis. For events taking place during the evening, one can go for dark colours, also one can wear dark colours to events taking place in the winter and fall seasons. On the other hand, one can go for pastel or bright colours for the spring and summer seasons as they are trending and also wearable colours for these two seasons. 

How to style Net Sarees

There are various ways of styling net sarees. One can go for pearl jewellery, this looks great with light coloured net sarees. One can also go with stone or diamond jewellery that matches the embroidery or design on the saree or matches the blouse colour.

These days style net sarees with belts, it gives a modern look. One can go for dark coloured leather belts like maroon, brown or even black. It's the perfect way to get an indo-western look.

One can style the this saree with a satin petticoat or even designer blouses. The sarees have a stunning appeal. These sarees would look great with hand accessories like bangles, earrings or even rings. One would be able to find a variety of options only on Karagiri.

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