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One can find various party wear sarees online from Karagiri. There are a plethora of options to choose from. Go for satin crepe sarees or satin silk sarees online that have some prints like leopard prints, floral prints or even African prints. Trendy party wear sarees will leave you looking like a show stopper. If you want to stand out at the party then you can go choose from India’s biggest saree brand.One can for pleated sarees from the georgette or chiffon sarees collection. Or even go for our luxurious designer sarees that have been hand embroidered, the rich appeal these sarees have is absolutely unmatchable!

Buy Party Wear Sarees Online

Planning to wear a saree to the party you are attending soon? You could not have made a better decision. Sarees are a fine blend of glamour and grace. Its versatility, feminity and elegance make this ensemble the perfect choice, especially if you wish to make a statement and highlight your cultural roots as you enter the venue. 

A party-wear saree is a traditional saree with hints of contemporary elements here and there. This six-yard fabric comes covered in shimmering sequin, sheer weave adorned with embellishments or display artistic lace work. Essentially, elements that shout glitz and glamour. 

Party sarees are not necessarily heavy. These can be as light or heavily embroidered as your taste and preference dictates. 

If you wish to purchase a party wear saree online, Karagiri is your go-to platform. The platform offers an exemplary collection of attires handpicked especially for you. From various designs to colours and patterns, the collection caters to all tastes and needs. Furthermore, reliable customer support ensures you have a seamless experience when shopping for a saree online. 

Explore the collection of luxury, shimmering sarees today! 

Selecting the Perfect Party-Ready Sarees from Karagiri's Collection

When you shop online, there are a lot of emotions you go through. You are happy - you are excited. And the fine collection at Karagiri ensures these emotions stay intact. 

The saree collection at Karagiri comes in a plethora of colours. You will find shades of pink, blue, green, yellow and even purple on the platform. Whether you are looking for light, subtle shades for a day event or glittering jewel tones for a party under the stars, Karagiri has it all in store. You will also find multicoloured ensembles if quirky is your go-to style. 

For fabrics, the party wear collection at Karagiri leaves no stone unturned. For those traditional looks, pure silk fabrics like Kanjivaram, Banarasi and Paithani are available. For the modern fashionistas, Karagiri’s Organza, Georgette, Chiffon and Satin in varied prints and designs are a must-explore. 

Apart from the party-ready sarees, Karagiri also boasts a superb jewellery collection. From statement earrings to modern-day choker neckpieces, the accessories on the platform are ideal for adding finishing touches to your outfit. 

Karagiri is your one-stop store for complete party attire. Your convenience and happiness are what the platform strives to achieve.


1. Which saree is in trend now?

The fashion world is ever-evolving. After all, subjective factors like culture, season and personal taste influence this industry. But there are certain trends that you can see Bollywood divas or modern-age fashion influencers donning today. 

Pastel-coloured Organza sarees are in fashion. The subtle hues of this sheer fabric fall easy on the eyes, making them popular. 

Another trend gaining popularity is sustainable fabrics. Cotton and linen are not only in demand for their breathability. Their eco-friendly characteristic makes them a reliable alternative for conscious shoppers.

2. Which type of saree is best for a party?

With so many options in the market, choosing one saree can get overwhelming. However, selecting the perfect one will not be as challenging if you know your style. 

If you are, however, experimenting, there are certain factors you can consider when making the decision. 

Start by thinking about the type of event you are attending. If it is an informal party, you can choose between Georgette, Chiffon, Net or Organza. However, for formal events, you can go for pure silk or velvet if the season allows. 

Similarly, your taste will help you choose between traditional and modern looks. If you prefer more contemporary and trendy appearances, you can try printed sarees with bold and vibrant patterns.

3. What are different party wear sarees? 

There are different party wear sarees, one can choose a saree based on the theme of the party, and their comfort while also keeping their personal style in mind. There are various kinds of different sarees, they are known for their lovely appeal that is distinctive.

One buy party wear saree that is lightly embroidered with sequence work, the sarees with sequence work have an extremely amazing appeal. They have a vivacious appeal.

These days many women buy party wear sarees online that are pleated. Breezy georgette or chiffon sarees, satin sarees like satin crepe and satin silk sarees are also great options. One can also go for printed sarees like floral sarees.

4. How to style a black or red saree for a party?

Black and red create a sense of mystery. Styling these colours is exciting and simple, which makes them favoured. 

To create a visual symphony, complementing shades of gold or silver for red and black and grey or jewel tones for black will be good choices. But if you wish to enhance the overall look, you can add contrasting coloured blouses. 

Apart from the colours, accessorise them with not-so-subtle jewellery. Both shades deserve some drama, so statement jewellery would go the best with these colours.

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