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The fabric is created using a special technique and there are many variations on how a satin weave can be defined. The satin fabric is used to create beautiful garments. The satin silk fabric has even allured the Indian weavers, resulting in the use of the fabric to create beautiful silk sarees. We at Karagiri have a beautiful collection of sarees you can choose from. Select from a wide range of beautiful sarees online. Find your perfect saree on Karagiri today.

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History of Satin Silk Sarees

Satin dates back to medieval China, where it was exclusively made with silk. The satin name today was first originally called Zaitun in medieval Arabic and the weave of satin originated from the Chinese port city Quanzhou.

The fabric and weaving techniques were widely popular in the Middle East. In the 12th Century, Italy was the first country to produce satin and later it became quite popular in the 14th Century across Europe.


Satin Silk Sarees for the Wardrobe

Satin silk sarees have been a favourite of many women. The sarees are beautiful but it is important to choose the right one when it comes to colour. The best colours in this sarees are darker shades like navy blue, maroon, deep red, purple and so on. The reason is that the shine on the darker shades has an elegant look. Satin silk sarees have a regal appeal that makes them perfect for special occasions. 

The beautiful sarees have an appeal beyond looks as their soft texture makes them comfortable to wear. The sarees can be heavy yet they are considered beautiful because of their magical shine and soft texture. These beautiful sarees are heirlooms that can be passed on to generations because of the high-quality fabric and design.


How to Style a Satin Silk Saree

It is important to style your satin silk saree correctly because it can greatly enhance the look of the saree. There are some techniques that can be used to style a satin silk saree. Draping is an important aspect while styling a saree as it will determine the look majorly. The best draping style for the summer is the pleated pallu as it will let air circulate and will provide a neat look too. 

Choosing the right blouse for the saree is also important as it can change the appeal of the look. You can choose from a wide range of designer blouses when it comes to choosing a blouse. One can go for a simple blouse for a traditional look or for a fancier designer blouse based on the event.

Accessorizing is the final piece of the puzzle when it comes to styling this saree as jewellery like earrings and bangles can further accentuate the look. Silver jewellery is the perfect choice to go for satin silk sarees.


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