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Fancy Sarees

Sarees have always been a favourite of women in India. The different beautiful colours and designs have been mesmerizing many over the centuries. Sarees have long been essentials for Indian women as they have an effortless beauty that makes them look amazing.

There are various kinds of sarees that can be considered fancy and are worn based on the occasion. These days fancy sarees online have become a new sensation with women shopping for beautiful sarees online.

Glam yourself in fancy sarees

Women love to wear fancy sarees for all kinds of occasions. Banarasi Sarees and Kanjivaram sarees are perfect for formal occasions. For parties, the perfect kind of sarees is of lightweight fabrics like chiffon saree, georgette saree, and organza saree that have a shine and a graceful look that makes the sarees a perfect choice. Women also love to wear beautiful sarees as daily wear, the perfect kinds of sarees for this are cotton and linen sarees as they are breathable and soft making them the perfect choice for long periods of time.

Types of designer fancy sarees on Karagiri

The world of Sarees is beautiful and with the internet, it is very easy to find sarees for any occasion. If you want to explore the amazing world of sarees, Karagiri is here for you. We have a beautiful collection of different kinds of sarees you can choose from for any occasion. Choose from a wide range of sarees some of which include:

Kanjivaram Sarees: Considered one of the most beautiful sarees around the world, Kanjivaram sarees are known for their intricate gold zari and vibrant colours. These Sarees come from the town of Kanchipuram in the south of India and are said to have been made by the saint Markanda who was known as the master weaver for the Gods. 

These sarees have a royal appeal that is unparalleled and a great cultural significance as they are worn on auspicious occasions like festivals, prayers and by brides for their weddings. These beautiful fancy designer sarees are loved around the world

Banarasi Sarees: The pride of Banaras, These beautiful sarees are known for their shining silk and beautiful floral motifs in gold. The banarasi sarees are truly legendary as they have been mentioned in epics like Mahabharat. 

These beautiful sarees have luminous textures and with floral gold motifs, these sarees have an irresistible shine. These beauties are famously worn by brides as they have a shine and a royal elegant essence that is perfect for the wedding day. There have been many changes over the years to the banarasi saree creating beautiful fancy designer sarees for a unique bridal look.

Paithani Sarees: Paithani Sarees from Maharashtra are known for their beautiful colours and motifs of nature and birds. The sarees are loved by women for the amazing design and the use of gold zari along with other colours that give the sarees their vibrant look. These sarees are worn by women for weddings and special occasions. The beautiful designer sarees have further enhanced the traditional paithani look.

Organza Sarees: The Organza Sarees are one of the newer innovations in sarees being lightweight with light pastel colours giving them elegance and grace. These fancy sarees have a youthful appeal. Perfect for youngsters, these fancy designer sarees are worn by women as they are easy to wear and carry.

How to style fancy sarees

There are many ways to style a saree. Sarees can be worn in different kinds of ways, apart from the traditional style, you can experiment with different kinds of styles to create new contemporary looks. Some of the best ways to style a fancy saree are:

Using a Belt

You can use a belt to style your saree and create a completely different look. Also, you can add a belt that cinches your pallu at your waist. Apart from a belt, you can even use a kamarbhandh for a more traditional look.


Dhoti Style

This is another unique way to wear your saree. In this style, the pallu is taken from behind and draped over the blouse. It hangs loosely over your left shoulder. Then the pallu is brought over the right shoulder and the folds are splayed in front. The front side of the pallu falls close to them.


Scarf Style

In this style, you have to use the pallu like a scarf that wraps around the neck. It is important to make sure that the pallu of the saree is longer than usual to wrap around the neck. You can even experiment with different kinds of scarf styles.

Mermaid Style

This draping style spreads out the lower part of the pleats, which looks like the tail of a mermaid. The drape might look tough, but it only requires a few extra tucks and pleats.

Butterfly Style

This draping style is not just stylish, but makes you look slimmer too! All you have to do is make extra thin pleats of your pallu and pin them on your shoulders

Apart from draping, it is important to use the right accessories. For a more traditional look, you can go with heavy gold or silver jewellery like necklaces and bracelets and earrings. For a more modern look with the fancy designer saree, you can pair the sarees with earrings or nosering.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the latest trends in fancy sarees?

The latest trends in fancy sarees in 2022 are Organza sarees, Leheriya sarees, Net Sarees, saree with floral embroidery, silk sarees in pastel colours and velvet sarees.

Which fabric is best for fancy sarees?

The best fancy sarees have lightweight fabrics like chiffon, georgette and synthetic silk. These fabrics don't run colour and can be easily washed by hand or even in a machine. They are designed to suit everyday purposes.

How to choose a fancy saree?

You can choose a fancy saree based on colour or the kind of design. The sarees need to be chosen based on the purpose of the saree.


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