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Saree - One of the most humble and versatile traditional attires that every Indian woman proudly flaunts will never go out of trend.  Today one can find the best sarees online for every occasion at Karagiri. 

Beautiful and Elegant Collection Of Sarees

At Karagiri one can choose from 50+ varieties and 10,000+ designs. 

Cotton Sarees

It's the comfiest and the lightest fabric making it the best choice for the summer season. Cotton Saris have been an absolute favourite for most women because of their amazing properties. Cotton is a fabric that easily absorbs sweat. 

Georgette Sarees

This lightweight fabric is known for its unique fabric that has a spring look. It has a coarse texture. Georgette saris are known for their delightful fabric. This sari has a beautiful fall and exudes femininity. They are a must-have.

Silk Sarees

These classic saris are known for their sheen and lustrous fabric. These are certainly every woman's all-time favourites. They are known to exude elegance. The valuable fabric has a very luxurious appeal. Many prefer going for these silk saris, especially for weddings.

Organza Sarees

This sheer fabric is known for its distinctive appeal. Organza sarees are made from organza fabric which has been curated from organza silk. It's one of the most stylish saris which is perfect for the summer season. 


How To Style Sarees For Different Occasions?

It's important to remember that one should go for gold jewellery for saris having a golden undertone or golden work and one can go for silver, diamond or even pearl jewellery for saris having a silver undertone or silver work.

The undertone of a sari gives us a lot of clues, it helps us in choosing the right accessories.


For Weddings and Special Events

One can go for designer blouses that have been embroidered and embellished with stones and much more. One can also wear velvet blouses or sequence blouses as they are trending at the moment.

For events taking place in the day or during summer and springtime one can go for bright and vivid coloured sarees while for events taking place at the night one can go for dark-coloured saris.

South silk sarees and kanjivaram saris look great with temple jewellery. Style your sarees with potli bags as they look absolutely amazing and will make your traditional look perfect, clutches are also a great option along with purses.


For Parties and Concerts

Indo-western looks are greatly in trend. One can easily create their own indo-western look at home. Going for a choker necklace or even diamond or stone jewellery will look absolutely amazing. One can go for printed saris, georgette saris, chiffon saris or even light-embellished sarees. They have a stylish appearance yet are comfortable.

One can style saris with a crop top or even leather tops. This would add an exquisite element to the whole look. Add chunky jewellery or go for statement pieces. One can also go for rings, bangles or even hair accessories. Adding a jewelled clutch or even an embellished sling bag to elevate the look

Banarasi Sarees: These saris are known for their zari work, stunning borders and rich appeal. The saris are not only popular in northern India but are also widely worn across the globe. Banarasi sarees are one of the most popular sadis worn across India and the globe today.

Paithani Sarees: These saris which originated from the town of Paithan are known for their peacock motifs which are found on the border and the pallu of the sadi. The paithani sari has a luscious appeal. 

Kanjivaram Sarees: It is also known as the Kanchipuram sadi. The sadi that originated in southern India today is famous all over India. They are known for their lustrous silk fabric which has a rich appeal. The sarees are generally woven with silver and golden threads which makes the sari stand out.


Trending Online Sarees On Karagiri

There are numerous types of saris that are trending at the moment. It's always great to keep your wardrobe updated with the trendiest ethnic wear. 

Chikankari Sarees: It's the intricate designs and the embroidery that make it one of a kind. Fancy saris are valued for their embroidery which has been inspired by many stories and various aspects of nature. It originated in the city of Lucknow and the art is delicately done with precision. The chikankari work is generally done on cotton, organza and linen saris.

Chiffon Saris: This gorgeous lightweight sari is known for its exquisite fabric. Printed chiffons are trending at the moment. The fabric has a slight shimmer and flows beautifully. They are a great option for the summer or spring season.

Satin Silk Sarees: These divine saris are known for their satin finish. The satin sari is extremely soft and wrapped around in a flawless manner. They have a chic appeal and are perfect for parties and many kinds of events. The silky fabric is soft and feels comfortable. 


How To Drape A Saree?

Generally, a sari can range from four to nine yards. The most difficult task can be made easy. Once you get into the habit it can be very convenient for you to drape in just a matter of a few minutes.

Take the sari and wrap it around the waist. Wear it along with a petticoat/ underskirt/seamless shapewear and blouse. It's important to tie it around the waist in a proper manner so that you can tuck in your saree and so that it doesn't fall off. 

The first and most important step is to create a knot on the top corner of the plain end of the sari. Secondly, insert this knot into the petticoat. The embroidery of the sari should be facing out.

Take a turn from the right to the left. The fabric has to be inserted into the petticoat around the waist. The fabric has to be pleated by turning the cloth from the thumb to the index finger. It is important to secure it with a safety pin so that it stays in place. Lastly, insert the pleats into the petticoat.

The other part of the sari will become your pallu. Take that fabric round from right to left. One can pleat the sadi or let the pally fall over the arms. The pallu should generally touch the end of the back of the knee.

Secure the pallu over your shoulder with a safety pin. One can also attach a brooch to the sari.


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