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Jewellery is amazing ornaments made from precious metals and stones that women wear to accentuate the beauty of any look. Beautiful jewellery online has different styles and designs that can complement any look and elevate it. Jewellery is special to people as it can symbolize love in a lot of instances. Brides love to wear beautiful heavy jewellery for their wedding and create different kinds of bridal looks. Lovers usually gift each other beautiful pieces of jewellery to commemorate their relationship.

Jewellery like necklaces and gold bracelets are an important part of Indian culture as they become valuable heirlooms that are passed down from generation to generation. Beautiful jewellery is worn by all women as it is so beautiful and alluring. The different traditional and modern designs are great to create the perfect look for any and all occasions. 


How to pick Jewellery for every occasion

There are many ways to pick the right jewellery for every occasion. Formal or Informal occasions call for different kinds of jewellery that look graceful in the perfect setting. For formal occasions like festivals and other traditional outings, gold jewellery is the perfect option as gold is associated with royalty and elegance. Gold jewellery is worn by women in India for all kinds of occasions. Women love to adorn gold in necklaces, earrings, bracelets and so much more.

In recent years women have had a variety of choices when it comes to jewellery. Jewellery made from different precious metals like platinum has become popular as they offer a look that is different from other styles of jewellery. The amazing diamond and gold jewellery will forever be classics however the newer additions have become recent favourites. For casual occasions, women love to wear pearl jewellery or simple earrings with bracelets of different designs that look amazing. 


Types of Jewellery Designs

There are many types of jewellery designs that one can choose from. The different kinds of jewellery available in Karagiri include:

Necklaces: Necklaces are beautiful pieces of jewellery that women wear on the neck. The amazing gold and diamond necklaces are especially loved by brides and are the perfect choice for formal occasions. Bead necklaces are a new trend in informal jewellery and a great choice to create an amazing contemporary look. The best place to buy jewellery online is Karagiri.

Earrings: There are many types of amazing earrings that women wear by matching them with their outfits. The heavy gold or platinum earrings are great for a formal look while small earrings or earrings with a modern design are great for daily wear or parties too!

Bracelets: Bracelets are another amazing piece of jewellery that women wear to create their perfect look. The different bracelets are worn by women for different occasions. The various designs in bracelets make them an attractive accessory to compliment any look. 


Buy Jewellery Online on Karagiri

For the best place to buy jewellery online, check out Karagiri, we have a beautiful collection of jewellery like bracelets, earrings, necklaces, earrings and more. Get amazing jewellery online on Karagiri and create your perfect look today.

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Jewellery Price List
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White Bud Bunch Bun Pin ₹1364
Double Diamond Drop Earrings ₹2625
Red Rose Gold Plated Bun Pin ₹1415
Floral Gold Plated Bun Pin ₹927
Small Half Moon Silver Plated Stud Earrings ₹1376
Unique Silver Plated Broad Thushi Necklace ₹2748
Silver Plated Traditional Pendant Thushi Necklace ₹2161
Sun Pendant Silver Plated Broad Thushi Necklace ₹2748
Red Stone Silver Plated Stud Earrings ₹1963
Chand Bali Kundan Flower Gold Plated Necklace And Set ₹6762
Golden Gem Bead Necklace And Set ₹7894
Single Row Silver Plated Traditional Necklace ₹1963
Peacock Kundan Kashmiri Jumkha Earrings ₹4040
White Bell Kundan Hanging Jumkha Earrings ₹3011
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