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A wedding is one of the most special days in an individual’s life. For women and for men, this is the day they will remember for the rest of their lives. Women and men love to look the best for their wedding day. Brides love to wear beautiful sarees for their special day and feel amazing. Brides from different parts of the country prefer different types of sarees.We at Karagiri have a beautiful collection of wedding sarees that are sure to look amazing for your special day. Choose from a wide range of Kanjivaram, Banarasi, Patola, Paithani and Organza Sarees for your special day on Karagiri today. These sarees are different from normal sarees as there is a difference in fabric and the designs have a richer and more grand appeal. There are different kinds of wedding sarees you can choose from. Some of these types include

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Latest wedding collection by Karagiri

We at Karagiri have a beautiful collection of wedding sarees of different types.

Wedding Kanjivaram Sarees: Wedding Kanjivaram sarees have a beautiful traditional Kanjivaram design that gives them a rich traditional appeal. These sarees are the favourites of brides in the south because of the amazing colours and traditional motifs. These sarees have an alluring design that makes the sarees beautiful.

Wedding Banarasi Sarees 

Wedding Banarasi Sarees are loved by women in the central parts of India for their beautiful colours and distinct banarasi design. These sarees perfectly capture the amazing craftsmanship of the banarasi weaver. These wedding saris exude an elegance that perfectly compliments the feel of a wedding.

Wedding Patola Sarees 

Patola Sarees are the pride of Gujarat and are known for their complex geometrical designs and motifs that are similar on both sides of the saree. The sarees have a look that is unique. Women love to wear Patola Sarees for weddings for their elegant designs and beautiful colours. The amazing designs make this saree perfect for weddings.

Wedding Organza Sarees 

Wedding Organza Sarees are beautiful and lightweight making them a comfortable drape for brides today. These sarees are the perfect choice for a summer wedding for their light colours and sheer design. These sarees are perfect for weddings as they have a silk shine and are lightweight and comfortable too.

Wedding Paithani Saree 

Paithani Sarees are most popular in Maharashtra and the regions around it. These sarees are known for their colourful traditional flora and fauna motifs. The beautiful golden zari work complements the vibrant colours in the motifs of the saree. These beautiful sarees are a favourite of Maharashtrian brides for their rich fabrics and designs making them the perfect wedding sarees.

Designer bridal sarees for wedding

Brides love to wear beautiful Designer wedding sarees for their weddings as they look amazing. These sarees are specially designed for the occasion and hence are considered the best when it comes to wedding sarees. These sarees have various embellishments and different kinds of techniques that are used to create beautiful designs and create that royal appeal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the Latest wedding saree trends?

The latest trend in wedding sarees is the Wedding Organza Sarees. These beautiful sarees are the most favoured choice of brides today because of the amazing sheer organza fabric that is lightweight and has that beautiful silk shine that gives the saree its magnificent look.

Which colour is best to wear at a wedding?

It is best to go with red sarees for the wedding as red is considered auspicious in many cultures across India and brides love to wear the colour red because it is vibrant and is perfectly accentuated by the shine of the gold jewellery.

Where can I find the best wedding sarees online?

The best place to buy wedding sarees online is Karagiri, they have an amazing collection of various types of wedding sarees perfect for your special day. You can get amazing sarees for your wedding day for the best price on Karagiri.


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Shamrock Green Paithani Saree ₹5415
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Magenta Purple Kanjivaram Saree ₹10751
Tangerine Orange Paithani Saree ₹4924
Sky Blue Organza Saree ₹4901
Black Georgette Saree ₹5100
Pearlesecent Green Kanjivaram Saree ₹8310
Fire Yellow Paithani Saree ₹7069
Midnight Blue Paithani Saree ₹4725
Iron Grey Patola Saree ₹8366
Red Silk Saree ₹6360
Punch Pink Banarasi Silk Saree ₹6281
Azure Blue Banarasi Silk Saree ₹5888
Navy Blue Banarasi Silk Saree ₹7069