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Karagiri - India’s largest saree brand brings you the best brasso saree collection. One can choose from a plethora of designs and colours when it comes to saree online. One can find the saree available in a variety of fabrics. One can also buy printed brasso saris exclusively available online only at Karagiri.

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What is a Brasso Saree?

Brasso Sarees are generally made from silk, art silk, georgette or even chiffon, the design that is created using the versatile technique gives it a velvety touch. It is valued for the velvet design that gives the saree its rich appeal. The fabric of the saree is slightly translucent and has a sheer look.
The motifs on the these sarees are spread out over the saree yet are quite close to each other, this gives it a stunning appeal. The sarees are perfect for any season and can also be worn in summer.


Tips On How To Take Care Of Brasso Sarees

It's essential to maintain the beauty of your brasso silk saree. We have got you covered. By following these tips and tricks your saree will always feel new.
The brasso silk saree is delicately made and hence needs delicate care. Get the saree dry cleaned always. One should always make it a point to never wash the saree at home.
Avoid hanging them on hangers, rather keep them in a saree bag/ muslin cloth bag. Change the fold of the saree after every month in order to keep it crease-free.
In case you stain the saree, just wash the area with cold water and let it dry, don’t rub the saree too much.


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Multicoloured Brasso Saree ₹5460
Red Brasso Saree ₹3248
Sacramento Green Brasso Silk Saree ₹6767
Apple Red Brasso Silk Saree ₹6767
Lava Grey Brasso Saree ₹4628
Green Blue Brasso Saree ₹5886
Vibrant Peach Brasso Saree ₹4785
Zenith Blue Brasso Saree ₹4785
Magenta Pink Brasso Saree ₹8928
Indigo Blue Brasso Saree ₹5460
Pink Green Brasso Saree ₹5460
Tuscan Sun Yellow Brasso Silk Saree ₹6767
Coral Peach Brasso Saree ₹3732
Watermelon Pink Brasso Saree ₹3039