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Embroidery Sarees

Look Elegant in Embroidered Sarees

An embroidered saree is a must-have for women in India. Embroidered sarees are a great option compared to embellished sarees. The sarees are easier to carry when compared to embellished sarees. A combination of embellishments and embroidery is perfect but embellishments are more prone to damage compared to embroidered sarees. Embroidered sarees for any look.


Types of Embroidery Sarees

There are many types of embroidery sarees online you can choose from. Different kinds of embroidered sarees include:

Paithani Silk Sarees: Paithani Silk Sarees are worn by women across the country, especially in Maharashtra from where it comes. These sarees have beautiful embroidery with different motifs of flora and fauna against the rich background of golden colour that makes these sarees attractive, we at Karagiri have a beautiful collection of Paithani silk sarees you can choose from.

Banarasi sarees: Banarasi Sarees are one of the most popular types of embroidered sarees. These sarees have an amazing floral design that makes them beautiful. The silk fabric of these embroidered sarees adds to their beauty giving them an amazing shine. Banarasi sarees are perfect for any occasion as their beauty is beyond compare and the variety in designs and styles makes these sarees a favourite of women.

Bridal sarees: Sarees worn by brides have some of the best embroidery work. The sarees are designed with precision and care for a bride’s special day. These beautiful sarees have a regal appeal that perfectly matches the feel of the event. The sarees are specially designed for brides and so these beautifully embroidered sarees hold a lot of importance for many brides.

Silk sarees: Silk Sarees have beautiful embroidery on them. The different kinds of silk sarees have a wide variety of designs meaning that there is a wide variety of embroidered sarees online one can choose from. These sarees have a shine that makes them alluring. 

Bollywood sarees: Bollywood divas love to adorn beautiful sarees with amazing embroidery work. These stylish embroidered sarees are great for any occasion. Women love to recreate the iconic look of their favourite Bollywood divas in amazing embroidered sarees for the perfect look. The best place to buy embroidery sarees online of your favourite celebrity is Karagiri, we have a wide range of beautiful sarees from your favourite celebrities you can choose from to recreate their iconic look. 

Designer Sarees: Designer sarees are sarees inspired by the designs of famous fashion designers. Many embroidery sarees online are designer sarees as designers make heavy use of embroidery work to make the sarees beautiful. These sarees are worn by women as they are beautiful and have a versatile appeal with a combination of traditional and contemporary appeal.


Tips on How to Style Embroidery Sarees

There are many ways to style embroidery sarees. You can use different kinds of blouses, jewellery, draping styles and more to create an amazing look with embroidery sarees. Some amazing ways to style embroidery include:

Accessories: You can accessorize embroidered sarees with beautiful traditional jewellery in gold and silver. The embroidered sarees look amazing in a proper traditional look. These sarees are beautiful and are defined by their amazing traditional beauty.

Designer Blouses: Designer Blouses look beautiful with amazingly embroidered sarees. The different designer blouse styles can be mixed and matched to create an amazing look that is a mix of traditional and contemporary styles.

Draping Styles: Embroidered sarees can be draped in different ways to create different kinds of looks. The sarees look amazing and experimenting with different draping styles will bring out the best of these amazing sarees. 


Buy Embroidery Sarees Online

The best place to buy embroidery sarees online is Karagiri, they have a beautiful collection of embroidery sarees online you can choose from. Choose from a wide range of banarasi sarees, paithani silk sarees, designer sarees, Bollywood sarees and more! Explore the beautiful world of sarees today.


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