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Pattu Sarees

The best place to get pattu saree online is Karagiri, we have one of the best collections of pattu sarees online.  You can choose from a wide range of beautiful sarees like kanjivaram sarees, silk sarees and other beautiful online sarees you can choose from. These amazing sarees are sure to make you a showstopper. Buy pattu sarees on Karagiri today.

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Beautiful Pattu Sarees

Pattu is a Tamil word that means silk. Woven from pure mulberry silk, beautiful Pattu saris are a sign of elegance among South Indian women. Pattu sarees are a form of exquisite South Indian silk sarees that are woven with gold-coated silver zari. These beautiful traditional sarees have been true to their beauty making them a true classic. There are many different types of pure silk Pattu saris, like  Samudrika Pattu, Parampara Pattu, Vastrakala Pattu and so on, with each one of them being a masterpiece in itself.

Over the years designers as well as weavers have made changes to the traditional Pattus and created some lighter sarees with half fine zari, too. These beautiful sarees are a favourite of brides because they have a glow from the gold zari and the beauty and elegance of these sarees.

Pattu Sarees Design

There are many types of pattu sarees online that women love to wear. The sarees are not just a part of the culture but have importance beyond that both historically and otherwise. The different types of pattu saris include:

Kanchipuram sarees: Kajivaram pattu sarees or Kanchipuram sarees are beautiful sarees that are known for their heavily detailed zari work in golden colour. The sarees have amazing traditional temple motifs that give them their signature look. The beautiful pattu saree is worn by women for festivals, weddings and other auspicious occasions.

Mysore silk sarees: Mysore silk sarees are beautiful sarees known for their unique design and silk fabric. The sarees have a shine along with the vibrant colour that makes these elegant sarees their signature look. The beautiful sarees are perfect for different kinds of occasions. 

Pochampally sarees: Pochampally sarees are well known for the durability of the colours that are used in the yarn. The Pochampally Ikat is a well-known form of saree made in Bhoodan region. Pochampally sarees are known for their geometric patterns with the Ikat style of dyeing. The beautiful geometric designs from the hands of skilled weavers here make beautiful sarees. These beautiful sarees are lovely and bright making them perfect for any occasion.

Gadwal sarees: The Gadwal sarees have an amazing combination of cotton weave fabric in the body and the borders contrast with gold zari weave designs over it, unlike the plain zari.

The Gadwal silk sarees are simple sarees, with a plain or butti body that has a design weave motif look on the edge border of the saree in golden colour. The motifs on the borders can be anything from natural floral motifs or something more traditional or perhaps a fusion of the two. Pattu sarees online in gadwal design are a great choice for any occasion.

Chettinad sarees: Pattu sari in Chettinad designs are an interesting choice for women as the pattu saree has beautiful colours and designs. The amazing silk sarees are beautiful and their colours are what make these amazing saree beautiful. These sarees are the best paired with traditional jewellery for the perfect look.

Latest Pattu Collection on Karagiri

The best place to buy pattu saris online is Karagiri, we have a beautiful collection of amazing latest sarees you can choose from. Get amazing pattu sarees at the best price on Karagiri. Get amazing deals on Kanchipuram sarees, silk sarees and other beautiful online sarees on Karagiri today. The best and latest Indian ethnic wear is on Karagiri to get your best look on Karagiri!

How to Style Pattu Sarees

There are many ways to style this saree. These sarees are traditional yet they can be styled in chic modern ways to get a unique look. The silk fabric of the these sarees has a vibrance that lends itself to different kinds of styles like:

Styling with a belt: These sarees can be paired with a belt to create something unusual yet amazing that will have a bold and beautiful look. This look is perfect for parties as it beautifully blends the modern style with a traditional saree.

Embroidered Blouses: Pattu sari with the embroidered blouse is another popular pairing that maintains the traditional look and perfectly enhances it too. The shine of the embroidered blouse with amazing pattu saris is what makes this style work for festivals.

Jewellery: Pattu Sarees are best when paired with jewellery. The pattu saree with its traditional design takes full advantage of the traditional gold jewellery. For a different kind of look, you can go with bead jewellery for the perfect look for traditional occasions.


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