Royal Blue Sarees

The best place to buy royal sarees online is Karagiri, we have a beautiful collection of amazing royal blue sarees in different fabrics and designs like Kanjivaram sarees, Banarasi sarees, Paithani sarees, silk sarees, crepe sarees and more.

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Fashionable Blue Sarees

Blue Sarees are an elegant choice for women as the beautiful colour blends amazingly with other colours. The blue colour has a calming effect that makes it the perfect colour for any garment. The different shades of blue bring out the different sides of the beautiful colour making them beautiful in their own way. Royal blue is on the darker side of that spectrum and royal blue sarees are as elegant as they are beautiful. These beautiful sarees are loved by women as they have a regal appeal and are elegant attire.

There are many kinds of beautiful royal blue sarees online women can choose from. The different designs like Banarasi saree design, Kanjivaram saree design, and Paithani saree design elevate the beautiful colour making the sarees elegant. Along with that, sarees made from different fabrics like georgette, crepe and silk look amazing. Let’s take a closer look at different kinds of royal blue sarees online to get a better idea.


Blue Sarees available at Karagiri 

Banarasi Sarees 

Banarasi Sarees are known all around the world for their beauty and craftsmanship. The amazing golden zari is a major identifying factor in these beautiful sarees. The royal blue saree with golden banarasi zari looks amazing as the beautiful deep blue colour amazingly contrasts the golden zari work of the saree, giving it a regal look.

Kanjivaram Sarees

Kanjivaram silk sarees or Kanchipuram silk sarees are known as banarasi sarees of the South. These beautiful sarees are known for their intricate use of gold zari and the vibrant colours that shine with the amazing zari work on the saree. The kanjivaram silk sarees have sheen from the gold zari and the silk fabric making them the perfect choice for special occasions. The royal blue colour with the beautiful Kanjivaram saree design is adored by women as it has a graceful and elegant appeal.

Paithani Sarees

The beautiful silk sarees from the heart of Maharashtra, paithani sarees are an amazing display of local craftsmanship, showcased through magnificently detailed motifs of nature, like flora and fauna, motifs of birds like the peacock against the beautiful golden zari background is the speciality of these sarees. Paithani sarees are worn by women on special occasions like weddings, prayers and other major celebrations. Royal blue paithani sarees are a perfect example of the exuberant yet graceful look of these beautiful sarees.

Crepe Sarees

Crepe sarees or satin crepe sarees are a relatively recent trend in the world of sarees. These sarees are lightweight as they use different techniques in weaving the material. The sarees are comfortable and soft and when the crepe is mixed with silk it has a shine that makes these comfortable sarees even more beautiful, These sarees are usually worn by young women as they are easier to carry and have a contemporary chic look. The royal blue crepe sarees look beautiful as these sarees have an elegant colour and suit women and are loved for how comfortable and easy they are to carry.

Georgette saree 

Georgette Sarees are one of the new iterations of fabric that have taken over the fashion world. The sarees made from this fabric are a favourite of young women as they have a delicate look and feel. The sarees look amazing and are comfortable to wear for any occasion. The royal blue saree in georgette fabric looks beautiful and are comfortable saree making them the perfect choice for women.


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