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Kerala Sarees

The best place to buy Kerala sarees online is Karagiri. We have the best collection of online sarees when it comes to south silk sarees, silk sarees, Kerala sarees and more. You can choose from a wide variety of amazing sarees to create your perfect look on Karagiri. Find your perfect south silk saree look with Karagiri today!

Kerala Sarees Online: Mix of Grace and Tradition

Kerala Sarees are beautiful sarees that are worn by women in Kerala. These beautiful silk sarees are worn by women for all kinds of occasions. The different kinds of sarees in different fabrics have a significance of their own. The Kerala sarees in cotton are worn by women on a daily basis. These sarees are extremely elegant and comfortable too.

The special Onam Sarees are worn by women on festivals and other auspicious occasions. The Kerala cotton sarees are worn by women on a daily basis because these sarees are beautiful and comfortable. The different kinds of beautiful sarees have unique traditional looks that are amazing and elegant. 

Women love to wear beautiful wedding sarees in Kerala for an amazing look. The simplicity of Kerala sarees is derived from the state itself. The simplicity of life in Kerala has its own beauty and charm. The fancy cotton sarees are often in white with golden coloured borders making the sarees amazing. The wedding sarees have a similar simplicity perfectly accentuating the beauty of the bride on her special day. 


Best Kerala Saree Styles

There are many kinds of Kerala Saree Styles you can choose from for the perfect look. The sarees look beautiful and one can elegantly style these sarees for any occasion.

Mundum Neriyathum: This is one of the oldest forms of sarees in India. The beautiful saree is the symbol of the culture of Kerala. Mundum Neriyathum plays an important role in local culture. The saree resembles the nivi style more closely. This is a very unique saree draping style compared to others. It’s two main pieces. A Mundum is a type of lower garment worn around the legs as part of a saree. These kinds of online sarees  

Cotton Saree from Kannur: Cannanore cotton sarees include a rich tradition of handloom weaving. Therefore, it has a border that is usually made with silk weaving. Peacocks and floral designs are a major attraction for handloom sarees. These types of sarees are light and comfortable to wear. Because of the tropical climate of Kerala, cotton sarees are prevalent in the region. Cotton sarees are simple to drape, and carry. 

The cotton saree is very simple and elegant. And the best part is that it does not require many accessories. Different colours, motifs, prints, borders, and embroideries evolve with time to be relevant in contemporary times. The durability of the cotton fabric is another plus when it comes to reliable cotton sarees.

Balaramapuram Saree: Balaramapuram Saree is one kind of weave that is generally done on the borders of the saree with an amazing zari. The sarees are usually in cream colour. It has made its mark in the space of the Kerala handloom industry in the production of various types of artistic sarees of Kerala.

The Balaramapuram sarees, also known as “Kerala Kasavu sarees”, have a special reputation across the world. The South silk sarees have a beautiful and elegant design that creates the perfect look for any occasion.


How to Style Kerala Saree

There are many amazing ways you can style your beautiful Kerala sarees. You can try different kinds of embroidery and designs and different kinds of blouses to style beautiful south silk sarees that make the sarees elegant. The sarees are so simple that you can experiment with different styles to create your own amazing Kerala sarees look. 

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