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Bright Red And Royal Blue Zari Woven Handcrafted Ikkat Saree
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Pochampally Saree

Pochampally Sarees - Exquisite Beauty

Pochampally sarees come from a  cluster of many villages in the Yadadri-Bhuvanagiri district of Telangana they are known around the world for the amazing Ikat designs and dress materials. The threads and colours created by skilful weavers are used in making beautiful sarees. Known as the Ikat or Tie and Dye weave, the unique thing about  Pochampally fabric is in the transfer of design and colours onto the fabric, for weaving them skillfully together.

The fabrics used in Pochampally sarees are cotton and silk, or a blend of the two. Ikkat represents a form of weaving where the warp, and weft are even and both are tie-dyed before they are woven to create any designs on the finished fabric. The resistant areas are tied with water-resistant material with great accuracy and precision. The precision of the wrapping process determines the clarity of the design. After wrapping, these warp threads are dyed. When these are finished and unwrapped, the areas under these ties have the original colour. Various colours are then added once the additional wrappings are done. This process is very time-intensive making these pochampally sarees even more impressive.


Trends in Pochampally Sarees

The beautiful traditional Pochampally saree online is an amazing addition to women’s wardrobes as the sarees have come into the limelight with Bollywood divas wearing these amazing Bollywood sarees on various occasions. There are various kinds of pochampally sarees that are worn by women and loved too.

Celebrity saree: Sarees worn by women with influence, these beautiful pochampally sarees are loved by Bollywood divas and other celebrities as the sarees are a beautiful addition and the sarees look stylish and traditional too. Many celebrities over the years have draped these beauties giving them well-deserved attention. As a result, women love to buy pochampally saree online for their amazing work and beautiful colours on these amazing sarees.

Designer saree: Designer sarees in pochampally sarees blend the beautiful colours and designs from traditional and modern aspects. The sarees are an amalgamation of different kinds of styles to create something new and unique. The sarees are worn by young women as they are stylish and easy to carry with light fabrics like cotton, chiffon and georgette.

Ready to wear: Ready-to-wear sarees are beautiful sarees that are for women who are new to the world of sarees or find it difficult to drape sarees. These beautiful sarees are made specially in a way that makes them easy to drape and comfortable for women. These lovely sarees along with beautiful pochampally designs make the sarees an alluring choice for women. Ready-to-wear pochampally sarees are popular amongst women for their beauty and ease of draping. 

Handloom saree: Handloom Sarees are beautiful sarees woven by weavers on handlooms. The sarees display the beauty of pochampally saree designs and the amazing fabrics enhance the beauty of the amazing traditional sarees. Pochampally sarees online have become a favourite as a result and continue to stay relevant even today.


How to Style Pochampally Sarees

Pochampally sarees are beautiful south Indian Sarees that can be styled in many ways to create amazing looks. You can use different draping styles. Different blouse colours and more to accentuate the beauty of these amazing sarees. Pairing your saree with different kinds of jewellery can create amazing looks for traditional events and festivals. The variety of styles is what makes the pochampally sarees special. Women love to buy pochampally sarees. As the sarees are beautifully traditional and can be styled in contemporary styles too.

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