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Bollywood Sarees 

Looking to Recreate your favourite celebrity’s iconic look? Karagiri has you covered. We have a wide range of beautiful Bollywood sarees online you can choose from to create amazing iconic looks. Buy Bollywood sarees on Karagiri and create your favourite celebrity look today.   Hurry find your perfect Bollywood celebrity look with Karagiri. Grab you favourite saree today.

Trendy Bollywood Sarees

Sarees are one of the most loved attires by women in India. The beautiful designs and the elegant beauty of the sarees are what makes them amazing. The different kinds of fabrics and designs make every kind of saree unique in its own way. Over the years love for sarees has only grown, giving a rise to new beautiful contemporary styles bringing sarees into the limelight when it comes to global fashion. Bollywood actresses love to wear beautiful sarees and create and recreate iconic looks to become memorable trendsetters.


Types of Bollywood Sarees available on Karagiri 

There are many kinds of Bollywood sarees online you can choose from for an iconic look. You can buy Bollywood sarees on Karagiri and recreate the beautiful and iconic looks of your favourite celebrities today. Some famous types of Bollywood sarees include

Bollywood Banarasi Saree

Banarasi Sarees are loved by women from all over, Actresses from Bollywood love these sarees too! Many Bollywood divas have flaunted beautiful banarasi sarees and created Iconic looks over the years. These beautiful sarees have that traditional appeal which gets a Bollywood twist that brings out a new side to their beauty. These amazing sarees have been a part of many memorable Bollywood styles over the years, from red carpets to iconic characters, Bollywood banarasi sarees are a timeless beauty.

Bollywood Silk Sarees 

Silk sarees and Bollywood have always had a special connection. These sarees have an elegance and grace that can elevate any character's look. Many Bollywood actresses have created timeless classics with beautiful silk sarees over the decades. As a result silk sarees have received a lot of love over the years.

Bollywood Designer Sarees

There are various kinds of Bollywood Sarees online, that can be styled to create beautiful and classic Bollywood looks. Some of them include.

Ruffle Saree: The ruffle saree has elaborate frills and ruffles on the border and is another growing saree trend. This style not only amps up your attire flare but also allows you to portray a unique style as well. This is the latest Bollywood saree style which is becoming a well-loved trend.

Modern Print Saree: Modern print sarees are the most popular sarees these days. These sarees have a variety of funky foil prints, engravings, geometric prints, and abstract art, that gives the sarees a fresh look. You can style this beautiful saree with a lehenga for a completely new look.

Hand-Painted Saree: This delicately hand-painted Saree style exudes the elegance perfect for summer. The beautiful pastel-coloured sarees, with painted contrasting floral patterns, look and feel summer-ready. These beautiful sarees a great for formal occasions like a wedding, or for parties looking fabulous, because it is sure to turn heads. 

Some Iconic saree styles from Bollywood to recreate your favourite celebrity look.

Chaugoshiya: Chaugoshiya or Pant-Style Saree is one of the iconic saree draping styles. This draping style is picked up piece by many celebrities. It is a form of draping a saree which is over 100 years old. It consists of four garments (Chau) - a choli (tight blouse), a Kurti (loose tunic) a tight pyjama (pants) and a five-meter dupatta that is draped in a special way. 

This style is native to the women of Hyderabad. Bollywood actresses have used this draping style beautifully to create iconic looks.

Pant Style drape:  It’s like a pair of jeans with a dupatta draped over the torso, with the belt creating a statement. This draping style is quite hassle-free compared to the regular pallu which is hard to manage.

Dhoti Style Drape: The traditional dhoti style drape with a  Bollywood twist. An off-shoulder, sheer blouse and a belt and a dhoti like a drape all come together for an iconic look.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the latest trends in Bollywood sarees?

There are many kinds of beautiful and trendy Bollywood sarees. The most popular sarees include cotton sarees, chiffon sarees, Kanjivaram sarees, Designer sarees and silk sarees. We at Karagiri have an amazing collection of these sarees you can choose from and create your own iconic Bollywood diva look. 

Where can I buy Bollywood sarees online?

The Best place to buy beautiful Bollywood sarees online is Karagiri, we have an amazing collection of Bollywood sarees for you to choose from. Choose from a wide range of beautiful Bollywood sarees and create your favourite celebrity’s iconic look with Karagiri today.

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Bollywood Saree Price List
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Magenta Purple Kanjivaram Saree ₹5657
KAVITA GHAI In Irish Purple Banarasi Saree ₹7928
Crimson Red Kanjivaram Saree ₹5657
Azure Blue Kanjivaram Saree ₹5657
White Kanjivaram Saree ₹5657
Ocean Blue Kanjivaram Saree ₹5657
SWARDA THIGALE In Golden Kanjivaram Saree ₹6458
Coral Red Paithani - Ikat Saree ₹9307
Dark Orchid Kanjivaram Saree ₹6458
BHARGAVI CHIRMULE In Oxford Blue Kanjivaram Saree ₹6458
SAI RANADE In Strawberry Pink Banarasi Saree ₹9655
Jade Green Kanjivaram Saree ₹6458
Candy Red Kanjivaram Saree ₹6458
Crimson Red Banarasi Saree ₹9539

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