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Festive Sarees

Buy Festive sarees online. Festive Sarees are beautiful sarees women wear at festivals. These sarees are worn by women which makes them sarees an elegant option. Festive sarees are beautiful as sarees have beautiful designs that look elegant.

Wide Range of Festival Sarees

There are many different festival sarees that women can wear and style with different kinds of jewellery for the perfect look. Some fantastic designs for festival sarees are a great choice for different occasions. Some popular festival sarees include:

Banarasi Sarees: Banarasi Sarees are beautiful sarees women love to wear for different occasions. These beautiful sarees are known for their amazing designs and colours. Fancy sarees are known around the world for their opulent designs and festive feel. These beautiful sarees are the best choice for various different occasions

Kanjivaram Sarees: Kanjivaram Sarees are beautiful sarees loved by women, especially in the south. These beautiful sarees are known for amazing traditional temple motifs and designs that look elegant. The royal design of these sarees has an elegant look that can be styled in unique ways for different kinds of amazing looks.

Paithani Sarees: Paithani Sarees are beautiful sarees that come from the state of Maharashtra. These sarees are known for their elegance and traditional designs. The sarees are known for their colourful motifs of nature and birds against the golden zari base. These beautiful sarees are the perfect festive sarees online for an amazing look.

Patola Sarees: Patola Sarees are amazing sarees that are popular in the state of Gujarat. The sarees have amazing geometrical designs and vibrant colours that make the sarees attractive. These beautiful festive sarees online are the perfect look for your next festive outing. Buy festive sarees like patola sarees for the perfect look on Karagiri.

Latest Festival Collection on Karagiri

We at Karagiri have the latest collection of the best festive sarees. These beautiful sarees can perfectly elevate any look. The various traditional designs and colours make them the perfect outfit for festivals. Buy festive sarees for the perfect look on Karagiri and prepare for the festive season. Get amazing deals on elegant sarees on Karagiri today. 

Women buy festive sarees online along with beautiful jewellery to get their perfect look and we at Karagiri have both! Choose from an amazing collection of sarees and jewellery for an awesome showstopper look. Get your perfect combination of saree and jewellery on Karagiri today.

Festive Sarees Price List
Festive Sarees Price
Wine Purple Woven Kanjivaram Saree - Special Wedding Edition ₹5168
Mahogany Maroon Banarasi Saree ₹4478
Light Golden Kanjivaram Saree ₹5358
Deep Pink Woven Kanjivaram Saree - Special Wedding Edition ₹5358
Dark Green Paithani Saree ₹6208
Grand Golden Banarasi Brocade Silk Saree ₹4612
Mulberry Purple Banarasi Saree ₹4653
Bright Red Kanjivaram Saree ₹4644
Magenta Banarasi Saree ₹3963
Dark Orchid Kanjivaram Saree ₹5168
ADITI MALIK In Ocean Blue Kanjivaram Saree ₹5001
Admiral Blue Banarasi Saree ₹6846
Subtle Gold Woven Kanjivaram Saree - Special Wedding Edition ₹5168
Flashy Green Handcrafted Kanjivaram Saree ₹6287

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