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Bridal Sarees

Finding a bridal saree is now a hassle-free task, Karagiri has got you covered. We know the sarees you are looking for. We understand the need of every soon to be bride. One can find a plethora of options and would be able to find a saree of their choice only from Karagiri - India’s largest saree brand. Buying bridal sarees online is extremely convenient. As one would be able to select their favourite and the trendiest sarees from the comfort of their home. It's a reliable and reasonable option. The pattern and design of sarees for brides online are just remarkable.

Bridal saree for your important day

Styling the sarees for the bride with accessories will elevate one’s bridal sarri look completely. On your special day, a smile is the best accessory to elevate the look. Don't forget to flaunt the saree bridal with confidence, after all, it's your day! The divine silk sarees make for the perfect bridal attire. 

On your special day, you truly want to look your best. It's important to select the best saree

Bridal sarees are a class apart. These sarees for brides are known for their stunning look and distinctive appeal. The shining embellishments on the saree bridal make it stand out. The intricate embroidery that has a rich appeal makes sarees one of a kind.


Style and elegance are limitless in the bridal saree collection

Emotions, simplicity, elegance, and character are associated with bridal collection outfits and accessories. The bridal saree collection weaves the story of the emotions and feelings of the bride-to-be. Simple yet graceful bridal sarees with different hues of colours and textures beautifully blend traditional values with the individual's modern outlook. The choice of fabric helps in expressing the bride’s personality. A minimalist design when combined with accentuating jewellery recites a poem of harmony. A bridal collection of simple and elegant sarees can perfectly reflect modern women grounded in traditional values. Look for your perfect bridal saree collection that will make your style easygoing and limitless.


1. What are the latest trends in bridal saree?

These days pastel shades are trending at the moment. One can go for peaches, elegant whites, pink, purples or even beautiful blue shades. Gone are the days when red and maroon would be the colour of the saree. Today, the modern bride has broken the stereotype and is opting for various colours when it comes to saree bridal. 

2. How to choose a bridal saree?

It's a time-consuming process. One should always check out the latest trends on social media and blogs as it will give one a better understanding of the latest trends and types of sarees for brides which will make you look ravishing. 

While choosing a bridal saree one also has to keep their body shape in mind along with their comfort level. Comfort and style need to be balanced out. Always keep the colour of your choice and fabric in mind.

3. Which colour and fabric are best for a bridal saree? 

These days pastel shades are greatly trending at the moment. One can go for peaches, elegant whites, pink, purples or even beautiful blue shades. There are various types of fabrics that will help one look alluring on their big day. One can go for organza sarees, chiffon sarees, velvet, satin silk sarees, georgette sarees or even satin crepe sarees. 


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Bridal Saree Price List
Bridal Sarees Price
Deep Blue Woven Chanderi - Banarasi Fusion Saree With Antique Zari ₹4307
Orange Gold Woven Kanjivaram Saree - Special Wedding Edition ₹4307
Caribbean Green Printed Linen Saree ₹4307
Silver And Purple Banarasi Saree ₹4409
Tiffany Blue Banarasi Saree ₹4409
Magic Black Kanjivaram Saree ₹4535
Allium Blue Kanjivaram Saree ₹4959
Teal Blue Kanjivaram Saree ₹5001
Magenta Purple Kanjivaram Saree ₹5001
Teal Blue Kanjivaram Saree ₹5001
Pear Green Linen Saree ₹5003
True Purple Banarasi Saree ₹5024
Tea Green Chikankari Saree ₹5043
Florentine Blue Linen Saree ₹5053
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