Chiffon Sarees By Karagiri



Chiffon, a light and airy fabric that is favored in the summertime as it has become increasingly popular. The best way to show off this material's gauzy and delicate qualities is by wearing them during our hottest months of June through August or September! A chiffon saree can be found at any store such as an Indian market or even online if you are feeling adventurous enough to try something new for your next event!

The elegance of a woman is not complete if she does not wear the perfect Indian garment, which was once limited to cotton and silk sarees. Recently though, chiffon  has become increasingly popular because it allows women's curves to be accentuated without becoming too heavy or suffocating her body with its clinginess. The material falls snugly around your form for an elegant feel that would make any man drool!

Chiffon Fabric has a Pretty Look & Feel

Draping a Chiffon saree is much easier than the conventional silk & cotton fabric. You don't even need to press down on then pleats since they seamlessly come together and sit perfectly!
Achieving gather at the waistline, or tucking in those delicate folds of chiffon material, is like taking candy from a baby--a piece of cake due to it's sheerness and shimmery nature.

Chiffon adds a Beautiful Drape to your Saree

Chiffon boasts of a beguiling drape making your saree an elegant workhorse for any event. The flowy border that covers the front and flows over one shoulder is called the pallu, which can be pinned up or left loose depending on what look you want to achieve. These stunningly beautiful creations not only show off their shimmering borders but also boast beautifully enthralling textures with every fabric stroke - truly captivating!


Chiffon Saree can be used in any event

Don't you wish your wardrobe could be more exciting and versatile? Well, want to know how I keep mine refreshed all the time with new pieces that are perfect for any occasion or mood? Chiffon sarees have some of my favorites. When it's hot out & sunny like today, a chiffon dress is just what I need in my closet! With so many designs available from brands such as Swtantra--with beautiful borders embodying traditional Indian patterns mixed with modern prints-I'm never left without options when I look through their collections.


Easily Pair Chiffon Sarees with a Gorgeous Blouse & Accessories

Chiffon sarees are an excellent choice for weddings, festivals and other special occasions. They come in a variety of colors that will complement your outfit-you can choose from light pink to deep navy blue! If you need something simple but elegant, chiffons make the perfect wardrobe addition.


Easy to maintain and wash

The fabric is easy to wash and care for, because you can just hand-wash it. The print will stay on the shirt long after washing!
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