Kanjeevaram sarees are beautiful but they cost a bomb! While we love new outfits for all occasions, it’s important to maintain those stunning kanjeevaram sarees so that they last forever. After all, how will you create heirloom pieces of you don’t maintain that beautiful silk saree!



Cleaning your Kanjeevaram Saree

Why should you dry clean your saree?

Always dry clean your beautiful saree silk is a delicate fabric and therefore it needs a skilled hand to wash it and dry cleaning is the best way to handle your fabric.

How to wash your kanjivaram saree?

If you do end up washing your kanjivaram saree at home, always use cold water and just a little shampoo only after the first three washes. Harsh detergents and brushes will be very harmful to your beloved saree!

Wash the sari, the pallu, and the border of your sari separately to avoid damage to your gorgeous saree.



Why should we never wring a saree?

Never wring your saree that would be the last thing you want to do. It will wrinkle your kanjeevaram saree and spoil it forever. First, you have to roll your saree in a dry towel to remove the excess moisture and then, hang.

How to dry a saree?

You should always avoid drying your kanjivaram silk saree in direct sunlight you should dry it on the inside of your home where there is no direct harsh sunlight on it.

Can we iron a saree?

Never ever iron your saree directly, always put a cloth on it and iron. Direct iron will affect the beautiful shine of the saree.



A stained kanjivaram silk saree should be dry cleaned as quickly as possible to remove the stain from your saree. The more you delay, the tougher it gets to remove the stain from your sari. Use laundry service to deal with any stubborn stains.




Never store your silk saree, cotton saree, or other sarees along with the kanjeevaram. Wrap your precious saree in a muslin cloth or pure cotton cloth and store it separately to maintain their longevity.

How to fold your Kanjivaram Saree?
Always fold your sarees carefully to avoid damaging the zari. When it comes to silk, it may be a good idea to fold the saree with the zari inwards in order to protect its beautiful shine of the saree.

How to avoid colour fading of your Saree?
To avoid the color fading problem store your saree in a dry and dark place where there is no sunlight.


How to fold your silk saree?

Unfold your silk sarees and change the folding preferably every 3 to 4 months. Never use plastic saree covers, instead use cloth ones if you don’t want to wrap your kanjivaram saree in muslin.


When should you air your saree?
Kanjeevarams should be aired in the shade, or even within your own room never in the sunlight. Doing this once in 3-4months ensures that your beautiful sari is well maintained for a very long long time.


How to keep the freshness of your saree?
Do not use naphthalene balls as moth protectors or even spray air fresheners where your sarees are being stored. Use neem leaves instead. You can always use silica gel if you’re afraid of any fungal growth on your kanjivaram saree.


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