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The most fascinating moment of a girl’s life is her wedding day when she is the center of attraction and everyone’s glance is on her!

From her hairstyle to the makeup to the bridal lehenga to the footwear and the glow she carries with her is absolutely stupendous and worth watching!

Now it takes a lot of hard work and creativity to create a perfect look for the bride of the day and the more focus is laid on the bridal lehenga because it decides the overall presentation of the bride along with jewelry, makeup, and hair.

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Deciding your bridal wedding lehenga choli is like deciding your future to be very honest because you will be posing for hundreds of snaps in that particular outfit and that will surely be the most talked- about gossip of the town!

With the innovations and daily changing trends, it becomes tedious to choose the perfect lehenga designs for the bride and here we are to help you a bit to make it convenient for you to have a look at some of the latest trends for lehenga for bride.



Lehenga cholis first appeared on the scene in the 10th Century, predominantly in Northern India. During the Mughal reign, the lehenga took on fine craftsmanship expertise, especially in beading, sequins and zari work which was applied to fine quality materials such as silk, velvet and georgette. Prior to this, the lehenga choli was a simple dress made out of cotton. Between the 12th and 18th centuries, many royal families adopted the lehenga style to other materials such as brocade and silk.


The Making of a Lehenga Choli

Lehengas are usually the most intricate garments that a woman wears. They're more than just clothing, they're art! A single lehenga can take at least twenty days to make, depending on what type of fabric it's made of and how detailed it is (which involves hand-woven or stitched work). The finer the detail in a dress' design - like embellishments or sequins - means even longer wait time for this true piece of artwork. But before you buy one from your favorite Indian store, know that there was probably many craftsmen who worked hard on your beautiful new purchase!


Styles and Varieties

lehenga for wedding

The lehenga is an Indian dress that has undergone numerous design transformations over the centuries. With its origin as a simple skirt, blouse and dupatta it's now come to encompass ten different variations of styles including A-line skirts with long sleeves, Mermaid or fishtail lehengas which are gathered at one side from waist down and circular ones which have short slits on either leg giving them their name "fish tail" dresses! The most popular style today though is straight cut in deep reds for weddings they're often embellished with zari embroidery patterns around hems while blue versions can also be found during festivals like Holi where you'll see splashes of colour all around.


It’s Like A Mother Indian Ensemble

Today, of course, one can find a tremendous variety of interesting lehenga cholis in the market. From beautifully decorated designer pieces to colorful festival ones, there's something for everyone! For example: mermaid cut skirts are sensual and tight until they flair out at your knees; while A-line skirts offer the classic straight style with plenty of room to move around.
The skirt style you choose depends on what silhouette best suits your figure type--mermaid cuts flatter curvier figures whereas an A-line skirt is perfect if you're looking for more width below the hips.

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When it comes to lehenga cholis, the market is brimming with gorgeous and colorful options for every occasion. From designer pieces that transform any outfit into a statement of style, to festive styles perfect for festivals or weddings alike - there's something out there in this sea of beautiful clothes specifically designed just for you! The skirt type varies depending on your silhouette preferences; mermaid cut skirts are sexy yet elegant through their tight fit till they flare below the knees while A-line skirts have a classic look without being too dramatic.


Indian Lehenga’s Evolution

The lehenga choli is influenced by the style and trends of each season, just like any other outfit. The seasonal in-demand cuts and designs will always change as well. Bollywood has an enormous role to play here not only in terms of demarcating and defining popularity but also when it comes to jewelry or accessories that are worn with this dress.

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Styles and trends have a tremendous influence on the lehenga choli, just like any other outfit. The seasonal and in-demand cuts and designs are bound to change; but it's Bollywood that has an even bigger role in determining what is popular among its countless viewers. Particularly for women who want to look their best at weddings or parties, Indian outfits are one of the few things they can wear where there will not be much competition from others--and as such fashion buys into this notion by catering specifically towards these needs with little experiments here or there along the way!



When Lehengas and ghagra cholis are dry cleaned, they last longer than when washed. The colors remain rich because of the multiple fabrics used to make them; metal embellishments do not tarnish in a dry place.

The intricate details of these beautiful outfits make them best to be dry-cleaned, but if you want a cheaper option simply use plastic wrap or white cloths instead.

Dry-cleaning your lehengas and ghagra cholis is the best way to maintain them. If you don't have a dry cleaner around, we recommend hanging these outfits on hangers in their own closet or buying some plastic garment bags from us!