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Sangeet is perhaps one of the most important functions in the series of many wedding functions that make up an Indian wedding. Naturally, choosing the right outfit for the occasion is important. Thankfully for you, you have landed on the perfect page for the purpose. 

With so many weaving styles, colours, and patterns to choose from, picking the right saree for your next Sangeet function can prove difficult. While the choice largely depends on your personal preference, not having a starting point can make things confusing, even for seasoned stylists.

In this guide to styling a saree for your next Sangeet function, we will cover everything you need to know to perfect your Sangeet saree look. Follow this guide and we promise that you will end up with a look that is equal parts sophisticated and radiant, ideal for a joyous occasion such as Sangeet.

Let’s jump right in.

How to Wear a Sangeet Saree to Look Fabulous

Selecting Sangeet sarees is no easy feat. This is because, contrary to popular belief, picking a saree involves making multiple decisions that go beyond simply picking the right saree. Sure, picking the right saree will act as a starting point for the other decisions. However, there are several other decisions to be made including, selecting the right fabric, choosing a draping style fit for the occasion, finding a blouse design that complements your saree and picking the right accessories. 

Fret not, as this guide will help you make all the right decisions and create that perfect sangeet look. Let us begin by choosing the right saree for the occasion.

1. Choose the Right Saree 

The first step to creating the perfect outfit for a Sangeet ceremony is to pick the right saree. Since Sangeet is a joyous occasion, our advice is to go for vibrant prints and loud colours. While picking the type of saree, it is advisable to go with options that will complement your body type. 

If, however, you find a simple saree that you simply love, you can create a contrast by wearing heavy jewellery and loud accessories. 

2. Fabric Selection 

Selecting the right fabric saree can make all the difference in how much you enjoy the sangeet function. This is because the choice of fabric will dictate how comfortable you feel in your outfit. 

When choosing the fabric for your Sangeet saree, consider factors like the weather, the time of the day, your skin tone and body type and of course, your personal preference. For instance, silk sarees are a great choice for Sangeet functions happening at night in the winter months. Conversely, for Sangeet functions happening in the day time, , choose lightweight fabrics. Chiffon sarees and Georgette sarees are great choices for such occasions. 

3. Draping Style 

Once you have selected the fabric and a saree in that fabric, it is time to decide upon a draping style. This choice will mostly depend on personal preference. Think about what draping styles you are familiar with, and how comfortable you are with each one of them. Remember, you will be wearing the saree for at least a few hours and you may even have to participate in rituals or shake a leg on the dance floor. That’s why, it is important to prioritise your comfort when choosing a draping style.

4. Blouse Design 

If you have successfully completed all the steps before this one, selecting the right blouse design should be a piece of cake. First, your blouse style will depend on the type of saree you have chosen. 

Beyond the type of the blouse, you can enjoy a bit more freedom in matters relating to the work on the blouse and the base colour. You can choose between a contrasting or a complementary blouse, depending on your personal preference. 

5. Embellishments and Accessories  

Choosing the right embellishments and accessories should be easy once you have the rest of your outfit figured out. In most cases, accessories and embellishments are used to create a balance in your outfit. Meaning, if the rest of your outfit is heavy and vibrant, it is a good idea to go for sober and elegant accessories. On the other hand, if your outfit is relatively simple, you may choose accessories that stand out and evidently add to the grace of your saree.

Elevate Your Style and Radiate Elegance with These Beautiful Saree Choices

Still finding yourself stuck on the first step? Struggling to find the right saree for your next Sangeet function? Fret not, for Karagiri has got you covered. In this section, we will cover our handpicked favourite types of sarees that you can consider wearing for your Sangeet function. All of the choices covered in this section are true classics and are sure to turn you into a head-turner when you walk into the venue.

1. Dazzling Georgettes 

A Georgette Saree is a timeless classic and a widely popular choice among those who prefer their sarees lightweight. The best quality of a Georgette saree is that the prints on the fabric appear radiant. This means that the saree will look grand while offering you the comfort you need to move around and make the most of your Sangeet experience. 

2. Enchanting Silk Blends  

Another classic choice on this list, a silk blend saree should be your choice if you’re looking for an outfit that exudes luxury and opulence. A silk saree offers the grandeur expected of an outfit fit for a wedding function like Sangeet. Silk blends are also great for keeping you warm during those cold winter days.

3. Charming Chiffons 

Looking for a saree that combines elegance and comfort? Choose a Chiffon Saree. This is an excellent choice if the Sangeet function you are attending is taking place in the daytime. If so, you can opt for bright and vibrant colours and subtle embellishments to create an outfit that complements the joyous atmosphere of the occasion.

4.Artistic Banarasis

Looking for a saree that is fit for a grand occasion and at the same time, celebrates tradition? Go for the unconventional Banarasi saree. While many consider a Banarasi saree fit for more formal occasions like the actual wedding, it never hurts to go against the tide. A Banarasi saree can add a touch of regality to your Sangeet look.

5. Contemporary Concept Sarees 

Want something truly unconventional? Go for a contemporary concept saree. Choose a saree that accurately expresses your personal style. You can pair it with other contemporary accessories and footwear to truly complete your out-of-the-box look for the Sangeet ceremony. You can also go for modern silhouettes like pre-draped and concept sarees if you are planning to truly stand out from the crowd.

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