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When it comes to blue saree online, one can choose from a myriad of options on Karagiri. We have one of the finest saree collections for women looking to beat the blues (literally!). The intricate designs, vivid shades of blue and a wide range of fabric choices make shopping on Karagiri a rejuvenating retail experience. Don’t take our word for it - explore our collection below and indulge in the convenience of purchasing blue sarees online from the comfort of your own home!


Blue Sarees at Karagiri

One can go for blue georgette or blue chiffon sarees. These sarees are known for their light and breezy fabric which makes them one of the best options for the spring and summer seasons. 

Blue linen sarees and blue cotton sarees have an elegant appeal, these sarees are known for the light fabric which is easy to carry and provides comfort making them the perfect fabric for the summer season. Our Best Seller “Peacock Blue Linen Saree” is known for its design and fabric that is extremely comforting. They are also great for everyday wear.

Choose from various shades of blue sarees online like Matisse blue, vivid blue, aqua blue, sky blue, dark blue, midnight blue and cyan blue. Each shade is unique in its own way and is a must-have.

Silk sarees like Kanjivaram sarees, Banarasi sarees and patola sarees have a stunning appeal. These silk sarees stand out because of their exemplary look. They are some of the oldest creations and hold a great amount of value in every woman’s heart. Buy Blue saree as it exudes elegance.

These days printed sarees are absolutely stunning, one can see famous actresses flaunting them at various events and movie promotions. One has multiple choices like Ajrakh saree, Madhubani Saree, Kantha Saree, Kalamkari Saree or go for the gorgeous Floral Prints Saree.

Types of Blue Sarees 

As far as the aesthetics of an outfit are concerned, blue is one of the most versatile colours out there. It pairs well with complementary and contrasting colours, making it one of the most sought-after choices for sarees. 

The fact the blue colour can be paired with so many others makes it a great choice for almost anyone, regardless of their taste. Whether your style is minimal or vibrant, a blue saree will definitely find itself cherished in your wardrobe. 

In India, the colour blue is associated with a variety of positive things and feelings. Most commonly, blue colour is associated with divine energy and the Hindu God Krishna. That said, it is culturally appropriate to don a blue saree across all the different cultures of our country. 

So whatever the occasion may be, you will be thanking yourself if you get a blue saree online at the Karagiri store. Finding it difficult to decide and choose the right blue saree for yourself (or your wife)? We’ve got you covered. To help you narrow down your choices, below is a list of all the different types of blue sarees that are the most popular in our store.

Banarasi sarees 

Banarasi sarees are perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of weaving techniques. One of the most popular types of sarees, Banarasi sarees are made using the signature Banarasi Silk. 

This fabric looks brilliantly beautiful with almost every shade of blue colour. On top of that, the intricate weaving and elaborate zari work on Banarasi sarees make them a great choice of style for those looking for a timelessly classic blue saree that is perfect for special occasions. 

So, if you are looking for a blue saree to wear at a friend’s wedding or a similar special day, look through our collection of Banarasi sarees. 

Kanjivaram sarees 

Another great choice in silk fabric, Kanjivaram sarees are a perfect pick if you are looking for a saree for those truly special occasions. The kaleidoscopic designs on Kanjivaram sarees look awe inspiring in blue colours, regardless of the shade of blue you pick. That means if you are looking for a blue saree that is equal parts elegant and classic, a Kanjivaram saree is perhaps your safest choice. 

When choosing a saree, it is advisable to look at the zari work (usually in gold and silver hues) and see if it truly complements the shade of blue used on the saree.

Kalamkari sarees 

Many say that Kalamkari is not a type of saree but an art form and at Karagiri, we strongly agree. The art form, when displayed on a saree, makes the already elegant garment stand a class apart. 

Since Kalamkari art often depicts Hindu deities, blue is a great colour choice for a Kalamkari saree. A blue saree with a motif of Lord Krishna or Lord Shiva is sure to be an instant hit in traditional settings. 

Alternatively, if motifs are not your style, you can go for hand printed or block printed intricate patterns that complement your favourite shade of blue on your saree.

Paithani sarees 

Looking for a rich fabric that exudes elegance and luxury and still makes the most of the versatility offered by the many shades of blue? A Paithani saree may turn out to be the ideal choice for you. 

These handwoven silk sarees pair incredibly well with the brighter shades of blue. The zari work and the elaborate pallu and border designs look superb in shades of blue. That said, the choice of the shade of blue you want for your Paithani saree is entirely a matter of your personal preference and what you think looks good on you. 

Choices may vary for different body types and skin tones. 

Printed sarees 

If you are looking for a truly versatile option, one as versatile as your choice of colour (blue), then you cannot go wrong with a printed saree. A printed saree is the perfect choice for those who love expressing their personal style with their attire. 

You can find a blue printed saree for every occasion, whether it is a casual get together of friends, a busy day at work, or a formal function within the family. Find your perfect blue printed saree in the Karagiri store. 

A Blue Saree is Ideal for Special Occasions


Finding the right saree for special occasions sounds easy only in theory. In reality, finding the right saree can prove difficult. 

Even if you are on the Karagiri website browsing through our vast collection of sarees, finding the perfect piece can be a challenge. This rings even more true if the occasion is personally special and not a friendly get together or a function in the family. 

After all, all of us want to look our absolute best on our special days, such as birthdays and anniversaries. 

One of the best ways to narrow down your choices and make the job of picking the right saree easier is to pick a colour and then look for a saree in that colour. If you have already figured that out and have chosen blue as your colour, you have come to the right place. 


Which colour is best with a blue saree? 

Whether you are pairing jewellery with your blue saree or simply looking for a saree with a blue base and a different coloured design on top, finding the right match is a matter of preference. 

That said, common colour choices with a blue saree include complementary colours like gold, silver and white. 

If you are looking for contrasting colours, red and orange may be bold but beautiful choices. 

Other options, like mint green, yellow and silver grey can be paired with certain specific shades of blue. Your choice may also depend on your preference of what looks good on your body type and your skin tone.

What is the meaning of blue saree? 

A blue saree can mean different things to different people. Similarly, the meaning of a blue saree may vary between cultures and occasions. 

Commonly, the blue colour is associated with divinity, trust, calmness and other similar positive traits. In Indian culture, the blue colour is also associated with Hindu deities like Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva. For others, blue also signifies positive traits such as femininity, calmness, harmony and balance. 

Most of all, for the wearer, the blue colour can simply be an expression of their personal style. So if your heart has landed on a blue saree in the Karagiri collection, don’t overthink your choice and the meanings behind it and add the saree you desire to your wardrobe. We promise you will not regret it.

Which colour of Jewellery goes with a blue saree? 

There is no correct colour of jewellery that will complement all shades of blue. Your choice of jewellery will depend largely on the shade of blue that your saree features. 

Beyond the colour, the pattern and design of your saree will also dictate the kind of jewellery that will pair well with your blue saree. For instance, if you are wearing a blue Banarasi Silk saree, you may want to choose minimal jewellery with a heavy saree. 

Similarly, heavy jewellery may pair well with simpler designs. Having said that, the choice will largely depend on your personal style preferences.


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Blue Saree Price List
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Beautiful Peacock Blue Cotton Linen Saree ₹2261
Ocean Blue Cotton Saree ₹2258
Admiral Blue Banarasi Saree ₹6846
Sky Blue Zari Woven Beautiful South Silk Saree ₹4822
Firozi Blue Tussar Saree ₹2199
Arctic Blue Cotton Saree ₹3724
Navy Blue Woven Paithani Saree ₹4200
Navy Blue Tussar Saree ₹2199
Cobalt Blue Banarasi Saree ₹3893
Turquoise Blue Zari Woven South Silk Saree ₹4594
Blizzard Blue Kanjivaram Saree ₹6824
The Blue - From Retro Romance ₹2258
Berry Blue Zari Butta Woven Banarasi Saree ₹4822
Navy Blue Chiffon Bandani Print Saree ₹1821

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