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Khun Sarees

The best place to buy Khun sarees online is Karagiri, Choose from a wide range of beautiful Khun saris online and get your perfect look, the amazing sarees are a great addition to the wardrobe because of their unique style and can be worn on various occasions. The sarees can even be styled in many different ways for the perfect look. Buy Khun saris and get that beautiful look with Karagiri today.

Khun Sarees

Khun Sarees are beautiful sarees and carry historical significance. The Khan or Khun fabric was originally known to accompany sarees in the form of blouses.  It is said that the Khun fabric has a history of over 4000 years and is designed in areas of Karnataka and Maharashtra. This beautiful and light fabric is very much in demand today. The amazing fabric helps preserve the beautiful culture of the region.

Khun saris are beautiful sarees that have become popular not just around the country but also around the world. These sarees are so loved by women for their elegance and grace making them the perfect sarees. The beautiful shine of the these sarees makes them an elegant choice for various occasions. These sarees are the perfection you need.


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Khun Sarees have become a phenomenon in recent years with the rise in popularity of online sarees. We at Karagiri, admire this amazing sarees just as much as you! Our beautiful collection of Khun saris is a delight for saree lovers in the country and around the world. The beautiful sarees are always a pleasure to drape and look amazing for any occasion. Buy Khun Saris online on Karagiri at the best price and get amazing offers on beautiful Indian ethnic wear on Karagiri.


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Vermillion Orange Khun Saree ₹5651
Blush Pink Khun Saree ₹5651
Mulberry Violet Khun Saree ₹5651
Blackberry Purple Khun Saree ₹5651
Navy Blue Khun Saree ₹5651
Tuscany Brown Khun Saree ₹5651
Pale Brown Khun Saree ₹5651
Jam Purple Khun Saree ₹5651
Vivid Violet Khun Saree ₹5651
Carmine Red Khun Saree ₹5651
Dark Grey Khun Saree ₹5651
Garnet Maroon Khun Saree ₹5651

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