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Wedding Banarasi Saree Collection 

Owing to their fine quality of silk, Banarasi sarees are often a go-to for women when exploring a wedding outfit. The aesthetic gold zari work that covers the silk generously makes these sarees look straight out of a queen’s wardrobe.
At Karagiri, we bring you timeless Banarasi sarees in a range of bright colours, suitable for wedding guests or brides building their trousseau.

The bright colours, intricate motifs, lustrous zari work, and traditional design make the saree perfect for weddings. Banarasi sarees are one of the most treasured silk sarees worn by Indian women across the globe.

Banarasi sarees are perfect for wedding events. The bride along with the bridesmaid would look great in banarasi sarees. It’s one of the most beautiful silk sarees that would make a bride look graceful.

Apart from banarasi saree design,banarasi saree blouse designs have also gained popularity amongst the younger generation these days. Experimenting with banarasi saree blouse designs to give it a modern touch has been a trend lately. These beautiful sarees that have originated from Banaras or Varanasi have acquired a special place all over India and even globally.

Stands Apart because of its beautiful designs

The design of the banarasi saree makes it stand out. The thick border on the saree makes it extremely distinctive. The sarees stand out because of the gold and silver zari work. The beautiful embroidery on the saree makes it extremely stunning.

The luxurious silk border makes them stand out from the other types of silk sarees. It's the peculiar prints of the saree that make it stand out. The heavily embellished design on the saree makes it one of a kind.

Banarasi sarees are perfect for weddings as they can absolutely make you look stunning.  This is what makes a banarasi saree for weddings a perfect ensemble and a worldwide favourite. Banarasi silk sarees celebrate our country's legacy of art and weaving. 

Various options to choose from

Banarasi sarees are made from various materials like cotton, silk, organza and even georgette. There are various options to choose from when it comes to Banarasi sarees. 

Each type is unique in its own way. One can go for banarasi raw silk sarees. This beautiful saree are extremely stunning. Banarasi Chanderi sarees are extremely stunning because of their beautiful design. If one is looking for something new one can go for Banarasi Khaddi Georgette Sarees. The design of these beautiful sarees is extremely stunning. 

Banarasi Patola sarees are also a great option. The unique designs and the beautiful silk fabric make them one of a kind. These silk sarees are a must-have as they are one of a kind.

How to style your Banarasi saree for weddings

For weddings, one can style the Banarasi saree with traditional jewelry that would totally accentuate the look of the saree. 

One can wear beautiful golden jewelry with banarasi saree. This would elevate the look of the saree. Banarasi sarees are known for their zari work which makes them extremely stunning. The golden jewelry would accentuate the whole look.

One can style a Banarasi saree with a beautiful choker. Or even beautiful necklaces. One can also wear a beautiful long necklace with a saree. This would completely elevate the look. Style the beautiful banarasi saree with Kundan jewelry. Kundan jewelry would look great with banarasi saree. Temple jewelry would also look great with banarasi saree.

One can also opt for chand bali earrings or jhumkas. These would accentuate the look of the saree. Gold bangles are the perfect accessories to accentuate the look of the saree. One can also go for golden or stone encrusted bracelets. These days gold bracelets are currently trending at the moment. 

One can carry potli bags or even clutches with Banarasi sarees. They are trending and would look really good with banarasi sarees.For jewelry, that contrasts with the saree. Silver jewelry would look great with banarasi sarees. They would complement the colour of the saree and would also make you stand out.

Banarasi Saree designer blouse designs

There are various types of banarasi saree blouse designs you can opt for to achieve that perfect wedding look. Blouse for banarasi saree is usually in contrast to that of the saree but may also differ depending on the banarasi saree design. Banarasi saree blouse back neck design can also be very creative because of the embroidery work and zari work. 

A simple banarasi saree with heavy borders can make one look extremely stunning. A simple banarasi saree would look great with a heavily embroidered blouse or a blouse which is printed. Designer blouses are currently trending at the moment.

A designer blouse with a plain banarasi saree can totally enhance the look. The blouse would elevate your whole look. One can opt for shades of green.A full-sleeved blouse would give an extremely elegant look. It's perfect for a winter wedding. It would give a very sophisticated look.

A plain silk blouse that contrasts the colour of the saree would look great with a banarasi saree that is heavily embellished with zari work. This would elevate your look and accentuate the colour of the saree.

Banarasi Saree for Wedding Day

One can go for Red or Maroon banarasi silk sarees for your wedding. They will always make the bride stand out. The beautiful sarees will make you shine and leave you looking dazzling. These days one can go for beautiful 

Vibrant Haldi Function

This colourful wedding ritual is one of the most intimate ceremonies. The bride can go for beautiful banarasi sarees that would make her stand out. The bright colour will make you stand out.

One can go for yellow or golden banarasi sarees for the Haldi function. Vibrant shades of yellow are the perfect pick for this special occasion. One can style the yellow or golden banarasi saree with a dark coloured blouse that contrasts the saree. This would elevate one’s whole outfit.

For Mehendi 

This vivacious wedding function is one of the most vibrant functions of all. One can go for banarasi sarees that are extremely stunning. It will definitely make you look dazzling.

Brighten up the sangeet function

This is one of the most exciting functions of all. The family comes together to rejoice. One can also style their banarasi saree with designer blouses to elevate the look. One can go for bright and colourful banarasi sarees that are extremely stunning. 

Wedding Reception

It's the event that makes the ending of all the wedding festivities. A banarasi saree is perfect for this beautiful wedding reception. Banarasi khaddi georgette sarees is a perfect pick for the occasion. The beautiful patterns on these sarees will make you look extremely beautiful.

These timeless silk sarees are extremely stunning. They exude a beautiful elegance that will make you stand out. The beautiful sarees are perfect for special occasions.


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