If you’re looking for a pretty saree, then there are many options to choose from in India. There is such an array of textiles and designs on offer that it can be difficult to make your decision! But if you want something unique, with the potential for investment value over time as well as being beautiful at this moment? Then kanjivaram sarees photos with price should top your list!

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Rekha is an Indian actress who has starred in over 150 Bollywood films. She never goes out without a sparkling Kanjeevaram silk saree draped around her and this year, Vidya Balan wore one for both the wedding ceremony as well as all other rituals that take place during the traditional marriage process. Aishwarya Rai also donned such stunning designs by Rekha's fashion house when she was married to Abhishekh Bachchan back in 2007!

The Bollywood bombshell has mastered the art of dressing up for every occasion, no matter how formal or informal. For her wedding, she wore a deep red Kanjeevaram silk saree with gold zari work and Swarovski crystals to match her big day's theme color palette. From looking at these stunning photos it is hard not to fall in love with this fabric!


This saree is made of Kanjivaram, Kanchipuram silk and has a vivid combination. The color palette includes eggplant purple with gold accents; sky blue with silver embroidery; coral pink highlighted in yellow to create an eye-catching aesthetic that will make you the center of attention on your special day!

The beautiful kanjivaram saree price comes from our handwoven collection which offers all types of colors for those looking for something more traditional as well as new styles like this one. This colorful piece features vibrant designs including eggplant purples paired with golden threads - perfect if you want to be noticed at any event while still keeping it tasteful.


A kanjivaram saree with price is a must-have for all wearers and lovers of the beauty this fabric has to offer. Often coming in various colors, designs, etc., each one more beautiful than the last, but these fabulous wedding silk sarees come with a different vibrant combination only available at our store! Come see what it's like before your eyes can't resist anymore!

A kanjivaram saree bridal is a precious Indian beauty and heirloom that has long been worn by the most elite of women. Not only does it feel light on your feet, but this incredible fabric also features exquisite zari work for an elegant look. Plus because gold weaving still occurs in some versions today - it will never go out of style!

The kanjivaram saree for bride is a true Indian icon. It's made from the finest silk and adorned with gold zari threadwork or inlaid gemstones that sparkle like stars on an evening sky. Despite its weightlessness when worn, it isn't designed for any person of stature; instead, this delicate fabric was created as an expression of royal wealth.

This double-shaded piece of artwork looks absolutely incredible when you get up close! The intricately woven silk threads and gold create a gorgeous, shimmering effect that changes with the angle of light. You can't even tell what each individual color is just by looking at it because they're so well mixed together - but don’t worry about that while admiring this beautiful masterpiece.

Finely interwoven silk threads of various colors along with gold bring out a double shade effect that appears different in each angle of light and it’s hard to make out the two separate colors woven even on close scrutiny. As you look around, your eyes are met by an array of rich colors as they reflect off from their mirrors onto one another creating this magical atmosphere amidst all these textures. It is impossible not to feel happy when surrounded by such beauty!


Kanjeevaram sarees are stunning and timeless. They will never go out of style, so it's worth shelling out a little extra money now to invest in one for yourself or as a gift!

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